Year in Review

As 2016 is about to make it’s appearance, I reflect on 2015 and realize that it has flown by.  It was a great year, full of new beginnings but extremely busy and I feel as if New Years Eve 2014 was just yesterday!  It was a year without many posts because I could never find much time to sit and write.  I hope that next year I do better.  Here is what filled my 2015 and I’m hoping that 2016 is just as good or better!

  • My husband won a trip to Mexico.  It was our first time to travel outside the country and our first time to own passports!  We were able to escape an ice storm back home and bask in the sun while everyone else we knew was freezing their asses off. Unfortunately he didn’t score the trip for 2016 but it was nice for him to be able to celebrate his success amongst his peers.


  • We took our first Spring Break trip with the kiddos.  I think from now on we will stick to summer vacations and make future Spring Breaks staycations but going to Vegas for a week was fun, different and a nice way to break up the monotony of getting back to work and school after the holidays.


  • The major feat of 2015 was that we bought our first house.  The while process was excruciating – from the home search, to making offers, to the inspection, the negotiation, the closing – everything was completely draining.  I hope to never do that again any time soon.  The end result is great however, we ended up with a nice home that needs a little bit of updating in 2016 but it gives us our space and it’s nice for once to be able to call ourselves homeowners.
  • We went to several really great concerts throughout the year.  I’m blessed to have two really great teenagers that love to go to concerts as much as I do.  We saw Lenny Kravitz, Fall Out boy (twice), 5 Seconds of Summer, The Avett Brothers and Garth Brooks.  We had tickets to three others but one got rained out and the other two we didn’t go to because we were tired out!
  • At the very end of 2014 I went back to a job that I really enjoy.  Over this year I have grown close to my coworker and we’ve had a very successful year overall.  I’m very thankful for the relationships I’ve built at my workplace this year and I’m really looking forward to what 2016 will bring for us.


  • In August we adopted a Great Pyrenees puppy from the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.  After our lab Koda passed in Jan 2014, I swore that we wouldn’t get another for a very long time.  When I happened to open facebook and see a Pyrenees puppy named “Koda Bear” (the exact same name as our lab) with the same big ol head and long eyebrows that needed a home….that was it.  He came to live with us on August 6!


  • I was able to take my best friend to my favorite place on earth  – Las Vegas.  It was such a fun trip and really a good time to share my love of the city with two of my favorite people.


  • One of the most special memories of 2015 was our visit to Rowdy Girl Farm Sanctuary.  It truly was a life changing experience and through our visit I have made a friend in it’s founder, Renee and hope to help them accomplish more great things going into 2016.
  • The most meaningful change, or decision I’ve made in 2015 was that to live a completely cruelty-free Vegan lifestyle.  With a little push from my daughter and our visit to the farm, I couldn’t have made a better choice for my physical and mental well being. I’m still working on the other members of our family because I would like to see them healthier and feeling better in 2016. It is no lie that living on a plant based diet is much better for your health overall and not having another sentient being’s blood on your hands is good for the soul.

As I look towards 2016, there are no vacation plans as of yet but lots of “to-dos” and “to-fixs” around the house now that we are homeowners.  Floors need to be replaced, showers need remodeling and I’d like to finally build a DIY library wall in our front living room.  As far as personal resolutions, I hope to get back to Yoga class sometime soon and get back into shape.  The Vegan diet helps to keep the weight down but it won’t miraculously turn existing flab into muscle…so I could use a little help there!

Overall it’s been a really great year, full of change, new things and fun experiences.  I’m wondering how next year can top this one, but I’m sure we will figure it out.  The blessings keep coming and God never disappoints.  To all of you reading this, I hope your blessings keep coming as well and you have a very happy and healthy new year!



Rowdy Girl Needs Your Help!

As you know, winter in Texas can be brutal at times with ice and cold…no fun for our farm animal friends! Two of her cows just had babies as well. Renee and Tommy will be working hard to “winterize” the sanctuary but they need funds from fellow animal lovers like us to make it possible. Please visit my team member page to read about the plans for the sanctuary and make your donation. Every little bit counts. Give a gift of protection and warmth to the animals this holiday! Thank you in advance!!

Rowdy Girl Farm Sanctuary

And now for our most treasured adventure yet….

For my daughter’s 15th birthday there wasn’t anything she wanted more than to visit a farm sanctuary and visit with the animals that have been saved from the meat industry.  After doing some research online and asking around on various Vegan facebook groups, I found Rowdy Girl.  I was surprised to find such a place in the midst of “beef country” and after lurking around the website and reading a bit about it’s origin, I was sure this was the real deal and made our plans to go for the weekend.

I called ahead and made sure that it was ok for us to come.  Renee, Rowdy Girl founder and rookie animal activist of the year answered and we talked for a bit.  I explained to her why we wanted to come and she asked about my daughter and I.  I told her that I was 98% of the way to a Vegan diet but things like eggs and coffee creamer were my only hangups.  I could hear the passion in her voice as she told me, without judgement, why she stopped eating eggs and it all made sense.  The things she was telling me was echoing what my daughter had been telling me and it really started to click.  To understand better, you can read about Renee’s experience here

That Saturday we got up early and made the drive down to Houston.  The sanctuary is about 30 minutes south of Houston in a town called Angleton.  We arrived late afternoon and was greeted by friendly chickens and rescue dogs upon arrival.  Our group was small, about 6 of us total and to start out we sat with Renee and her husband Tommy to get to know each other and hear the story behind how Rowdy Girl was started.

It doesn’t do any justice for me to retell the story here but to make a long story short, Renee and Tommy are cattle ranchers rehabilitated.  Renee had grown weary and emotionally distraught over the years of raising cattle just to send them off to their deaths.  She started to put together in her mind, as many of us former omnivores have, the connection between the food on our plates and the violent means by which it got there.  She gave Tommy an ultimatum.  Basically end the business or the marriage….because she couldn’t take it anymore.  Like a love story out of a movie, Tommy agreed.  But there was a catch.  Renee didn’t want him to simply sell off the herd, she wanted to buy them from him!  She sourced high and low, saught the help and advice of fellow activists and sanctuary founders such as Gene Baur and Kip Andersen and with a fundraising event set up through Crowdfunding – was able to raise the money needed to keep the herd and Rowdy Girl Sanctuary was born. Over the coming months, she transitioned into a fully Vegan lifestyle and Tommy did it with her.  The two have never felt healthier both in body and in soul.

First up on our tour was Cinnamon the Brahman cow.  Like many cows sent to slaughter, Cinnamon’s former owners had decided she was of no more use to them since she could no longer be bred for show.  She was scheduled to be sent off the very weekend Rowdy Girl rescued her.  This beautiful creature had such an aura around her, it is unexplainable. As a peaceful spirit watching over the entire farm, it was an honor to meet her in person.  Read all about Cinnamon here

At the fence we were greeted by moos and inquisitive faces – just like dogs!  The herd came to the fence to see us.  I had never been this close to cattle before and I was amazed at how friendly and docile they were.

All of these sweet babies had been rescued from a certain fate and are now free to live out their lives safe and loved.


Next we met Cooper the Turkey.  Cooper is fairly new to Rowdy Girl and wasn’t ready for cuddles just yet – but he sure did want to show us how handsome he is. Recently Cooper was the guest of honor at his very own Thanksgiving dinner, Rowdy Girl style.  Just like Thanksgiving should be!  Read Cooper’s story here

We made our way into the pig area to meet Ivy, Herman and Rue.  We had apples in hand so it didn’t take long to make friends!  Ivy enjoyed apples and back scratches while Herman munched his dinner and Rue made it known that she looooves apples!

In the hour before we arrived, the new herd that Renee had rescued from an SPCA in Florida had successfully knocked a fence down and had to be rounded up into a smaller fenced area.  It was amazing to be surrounded by so many beautiful animals.  Cows are magnificent creatures and what I felt was peace as I walked around their home and looked into their soulful eyes.

What came next was surely the highlight of my daughter’s life.  She was able to help feed baby Stormy.  Stormy is a baby calf who was blinded by an infection when she wasn’t able to nurse from her mother.  Renee took her in and is now her Momma!

We couldn’t leave without giving the horses some treats too!

I was sad because the sun was going down and it was about time to leave. Before leaving we shared some quality time with Renee and Tommy.  I was able to try some Vegan cheese which I never would’ve tried on my own (I’m hooked now) and they gave us some various samples and reading material.  I’m sure we talked their ears off and it was past dinner time but they were so gracious and selfless to give us so much one-on-one time.  Renee invited us back anytime and we plan to make several more visits to Rowdy Girl in the future.

Being able to interact with these incredible animals was one of the most wonderful experiences of our lives.  It really impacted the depths of my soul and reinforces the passion behind why my daughter and I will never go back to eating, using or wearing animals.  Ever. They are not here for us to dominate or exploit, they deserve life and their lives are precious.  I commend Renee and Tommy for taking such a bold step and truly feel that it was some sort of divine intervention that brought them to the place where they are now.  There are great things in store for Rowdy Girl and I cannot wait to see what the future holds!


My Journey Into Veganism

A little background….I went vegetarian at the age of 15 – a young, passionate teenager vehemently sharing my views on animal rights and the plight of the voiceless from the day I read Peter Singer’s eye opening book “Animal Liberation”. Since then, I can’t honestly say I was 100% every single day – there were times, like during my two pregnancies, that I did revert back to my meat-eating ways.  Back then there was no facebook, no instagram, no YouTube, not much in the way of social media with which to share the horrific images and stories of what goes on behind those slaughterhouse walls.  I never did any research either, as to whether or not a vegetarian diet could sustain a healthy pregnancy.  I just thought I had no choice, that I had to eat animal flesh to get the protein I needed.  Boy was I wrong!

During the last omnivore stint, every time I would consume animal flesh I would get sick.  Terrible stomach aches and indigestion accompanied by intense gas pains (gross I know) and misery after eating.  Every…single…time.  That was it.  My body was telling me to stop and I had no problem quitting again cold turkey.  I never looked back.

Here it is 15 years later and I have a daughter who reminds me a lot of someone I used to know.  About 2 years ago, after eating a steak dinner, for some reason she decided to watch a video on YouTube “If the Slaughterhouse Had Glass Walls”.  On the way to drop her off at her friend’s house that night she said to me “I’m not eating meat anymore.  I watched this video and cried the entire time”.  I felt my heart leap in my chest and knew one day she would figure it out for herself. This was the day!

About a year into it, she told me she wanted to go Vegan.  My daughter does a lot of her own research and was horrified to learn of the methods used in the dairy and egg industry.  Although I was still eating these things, I supported her in her decision and did not try to sway her either way.  Veganism just seemed so difficult to me.  The thought of coffee without creamer in it, no cheese pizza and no tuna sandwiches or egg biscuits…how could I give that up?  I was buying “Organic” creamer and cheese, “cage free certified humane” eggs and “sustainable” fish.  Sounds okay right?  Cows have to be milked and hens have to lay eggs…that was my reasoning.  No, it’s not – it’s not okay and again, I was wrong.

Even though my 15 year old daughter had made a smooth transition and preached to me daily, it wasn’t until my visit to a local animal sanctuary opened my eyes to the necessity of living a totally Vegan lifestyle if I was truly wanting to do my part to end animal suffering.  The hours I spent there and the inspiring story that I heard changed it all for me.

Wrapping it up in Vegas – Days 3 & 4

Our third day, second morning rolled around and we decided to stop into the Dal Toro Restaurant for breakfast after seeing a sign that said $9.99.  The seating was outside and it was a beautiful morning.  It quickly filled up and by the time we left there wasn’t a seat available on the patio besides the ones we just left.

Our breakfast company:


We decided that since we didn’t do our downtown visit on our first night, we would go this day.  There was some confusion about where to buy the Northbound bus passes from the Palazzo side of the street.  Well, you can’t. You have to take the elevator up and walkway across because the machine is on the other side of the street (the TI side).

There was some construction near Circus Circus (likely the pending implosion of the Riviera) which caused a very slow beginning to our ride. After that it was smooth sailing.  We arrived downtown and of course, everyone had to pee.  So we went into the Golden Nugget to take care of that business and to show R the aquarium/pool area.

On the way out, a Starbucks green tea lemonade was in order and a few pulls on a double diamond machine near the front which netted me $0.

Outside however we did get to use the selfie stick again.. woo hoo!


We went into La Bayou because my mom swears that the Lucky Penny penguin machines in there love her.  Well they didn’t love her this time but R won about $40.  I was getting ready to leave after cashing out (La Bayou doesn’t do TITOs…it is all coins) and the lady I give my coins to tells me that we should play the Texas Tea machines.  She said they “sure pay out on max bet!” We figured what the heck, we’re from Texas, and gave them a try.  Yeah I quickly turned $60 in to another $0.

We leave downtown and I’m $80 poorer than when we got there.  I wasn’t planning on playing anything downtown but it happens I guess.

Bussed it back to Palazzo and I remembered that the last time in March that we took the bus downtown I ended up getting really motion sick.  It happened again.  I think I need to try the lower level next time.

Back at our mecca, we ran into Carlo’s bakery.  To our surprise, the line was manageable and there were still cannolis left!!

20151012_125329 20151012_125030

While R and mom got their goodies, it was  potty break time for me again.  I met them as I came out and my mom tellls me “wow those must be some expensive cookies!” When I asked why she showed me her receipt for nearly $150.  She bought 2 bags of cookies, 2 cannolis, 2 rainbow cookies and 2 sfogliatelle cookies (pronounced “sfoo-ya-dell”, or at least that’s how I say it).  When I looked closer at her receipt I see that they charged her for 32 sfogliatelles and the rainbow cookies were missing!

It was kind of a mess getting it figured out and we came to the conclusion that they still didn’t refund enough.  The lady behind the counter was so busy, I’m not sure she knew what was going on.  My mom isn’t one to raise hell so she got the refund for what she could and left the rest alone.

Back to the room to enjoy the cannolis but first… I had to play some more.  I proceeded to lose more.  This was an awful day for me, I wasn’t hitting anything so yeah, back to the room to drown my sorrows in cannoli cream.

After the Carlo’s feast we headed to dinner and decided to go to La Burger Brasserie in Paris.  We all had salads and they were actually really good.  I was able to pay for the meal with my TR credits.

We had tickets for the 730 showing of Love at the Mirage.  I’ve seen it 3 times before this and my mom had seen it twice.  We were especially looking forward to R experiencing the wonder of  Cirque for the first time.

20151012_180112 20151012_180601 20151012_180631

I cannot tell you the look on her face during that opening scene.  I won’t spoil it for those of you who haven’t seen it but it is definitely a ‘wow” moment!  I’m not sure her mouth closed the entire show.  She was in awe and reduced to tears afterwards.  Yes, it is THAT good!

After the show we just headed back to play a bit at the Palazzo.  My mom still wasn’t feeling well so she didn’t stay long before going to the room.  R’s flight was leaving at 6am the next morning so she soon followed.

Again, it was me left to my lonesome in the casino. I did really well at first but continued to play until that day’s bankroll was at $0.  Nothing new there!

The next morning R got up at the butt crack of dawn and caught a cab to the airport.  Mom and I hung around a little longer.  We grabbed breakfast at Planet Hollywood buffet – which was not very good and the service was terrible.  We stood in line with ONE person in front of us for over 15 minutes and then another almost 10 minutes before any of us were seated.  And it wasn’t even busy!  Good thing I paid with my TR points.

We bought a few souvenirs and before we new it, it was time to grab a cab and head back to the airport for our flight home.

Overall we had a great few days. It was nice to do Vegas a bit differently than normal.  I think R enjoyed her first trip and she was talking about trying to get her husband to take her back.  Uh oh – I think she caught the bug!

Girls Weekend in Vegas – French Food and Legends Day Two

I am slow these days, I don’t think I’ve ever taken weeks to do a trip report!

As usual on the first morning waking up in Vegas, you wake up early.  Since we had reservations for lunch at Mon Ami Gabi, we just grabbed something quick at the Cafe Presse place inside Palazzo.  When we checked in, we were given free coffee coupons for each morning.  They were only good for the small cups of coffee but that was ok, free is free.

There was a bit of a battle for coffee, as three was a rather rude lady who thought she had the right to take up the entire space where you get your sugar, creamer etc… She was less than pleased that I needed to fix my coffee too.  I was shocked by the nasty way she spoke to the people who worked there too.  Some people just need an attitude adjustment!

After coffee, we wanted to show R more places on the strip before lunch.  First stop was the Forum Shops.  None of the stores were really open yet but it was nice to just walk through without a crowd. We stopped to take some pictures and ended up with several since my mom had my camera on the “rapid burst”  setting. Most were just a blur but we got a decent one.


Next was Bellagio, to show R the conservatory area.  On the way I stopped to play that new Dragon game by Bally’s.  I can’t recall the name but I won $35 the bonus.  I tried to record it but my phone’s camera kept cutting off.  Not happy about that!  Here are some pictures of Bellagio’s fall display:

20151011_101342 20151011_101427 20151011_101431 20151011_101445 20151011_101515 20151011_101519 20151011_101536 20151011_10135120151011_102007

It was extremely crowded in there!I

Our lunch time reservation for Mon Ami Gabi was approaching so we headed off to Paris.  R went to get a total rewards card and there was some confusion at the TR desk.  They had two areas of the line – one for Diamond+ and another for the rest of us riff raff.  She got in that line first, then the lady behind the desk told her to go ahead and stand in the Diamond line…saying she was doing something and couldn’t help her.  She waited for a bit and finally got up to the agent.  That lady was rather rude and told her she couldn’t help her because that line was for Diamond+ only!  Mind you, there was nobody else in line.  She told her to go to the other area with the lady who told her to stand in the Diamond line.  Grrrrrr.  This was certainly a debacle because there was nobody else there!  R was pissed at this point and voiced her frustration with the first lady.  That lady begrudgingly helped her but left R with a bad taste in her mouth.

We walked around a bit and watched a lady playing the group bank of Wizard of Oz 3-reel machines win $1100 on the bonus round.  She was only betting $1.00.  She said she was down to $30 from her $50 and almost walked away when the bonus started.  Somehow she had gotten a 100x multiplier and hit the motherload on the bonus.

R sat down at one of those new 88 fortunes machines and on the 2nd spin, got the bonus and won $160 on a 76 cent bet. That helped to calm her down from the TR desk calamity!  I on the other hand proceeded to lose about $80 in a span of about 30 minutes.  Paris always hates me.

It was now 11am so we went over to Mon Ami Gabi to let them know we were there.  Our res was for 1145 but patio seating is still first come first serve – the res just puts you further up on the list.  We were given a pager and it went off at 1145 exactly for patio seating!

This was my first time at MAG and I will definitely be back.  The food was great and the atmosphere even better.  We caught several fountain shows while we sat there.

20151011_115447 20151011_120228 20151011_122103



After lunch we went over to Planet Hollywood to look for some of those comfortable sandal shoes at the ABC store.  I have a pair that my daughter has claimed as her own, so I needed new ones!  The first ABC store was out of my size but I ended up getting a selfie stick for $12.  Our arms are way too short to do it ourselves, as we had found out.

I found the shoes at the 2nd ABC store and then off to Cosmopolitan and Aria to show R around.  R is sassy and I couldn’t wait for her to take a pic in the big shoe!


Trying out the selfie stick:


Walking out of Cosmo, a HUGE Buffalo game caught my eye. I’d never seen this one with the big screen before and had to play it. Maybe I should just stick with the regular size ones, as this one didn’t like me at all.


My mom was in search of the Luck Penny penguin machines.  There used to be a bunch of them by the Aria check in desk.  It looks like they’ve changed things around quite a bit because they weren’t there anymore.  While R signed up for her MLife card, I found a bank of Wheel of Fortune 25 cent machines and did quite well on one.

20151011_152329 20151011_152759

My memory is failing me and I can’t remember what more we did that day up until the evening!  At some point we went back to the room to change and freshen up a bit. Of course I had to play in the Venetian casino a bit and all I did was lose what Aria had given me earlier.

We had tickets for Legends in Concert 7pm show at Flamingo.  I had seen this show on my first trip to Vegas ever, in 1994 and then again on my first trip with my husband in 2001.  It had been a while and I thought this would be fun for R.  We had great seats right down front.  The celebrities were Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift, Madonna, Frank Sinatra and of course Elvis.  Every one of them was amazing.  We took pictures with the performers after the show.

20151011_190013 20151011_192323 20151011_193252 20151011_194633 20151011_195441 20151011_200807 20151011_201803 20151011_203151 20151011_205955

The only complaint I had was that our audience was awful.  I don’t understand how you can just sit there still and not sing along and dance in your seat!  At times I wondered if most of the people there were even breathing.  These performers really gave their all up on stage.  I showed my appreciation by giving them a standing ovation.  They deserved it!

By now we were starving so we headed over to Mirage to stop in the Carnegie deli and grab a bite.  Things have changed over there.  No more servers.  You order at the counter and they bring the food to you but it’s not the same.  The menu seems to have shrunk as well.  The food was still good but I miss the old Carnegie.

After eating, my mom seemed to have been struck by the same stomach issues I had the night before.  We took it easy inside and played a few machines.  None of which paid me much.

Heading back to Palazzo, we took the tram over to TI.  Wow has that place gone to crap.  The smell….oh the smell!  Back in the day, my husband and I have stayed there about 3 times. We always loved the casino smell and the atmosphere.  Now I can’t even describe it.  Maybe something like dirty wet socks that were left in a car during a hot Texas summer.  It was awful and ended up making my mom feel even worse.  We had to get out of there.

It seems as if the base of the elevator that connects the walkway from the Fashion Show mall area back over to the Palazzo has become the bedroom for the homeless.  Not only the bedroom, but the bathroom too.  We couldn’t wait to get back across the street!

Mom went up to bed, still not feeling well while R and I stayed downstairs playing for a bit.  R finally tuckered out too and I, the lone degenerate stayed in the casino until around 3am thanks to several coffee & Bailey’s in large to-go cups.  I was up and down – winning and then playing it back.  I don’t remember if I finished up that night or not.  I’m pretty sure I ended up back at the room with that day’s bankroll still in tact.

Girls Weekend in Vegas – Palazzo Heaven day one

Two weeks late but better than never.  It’s been so busy at home since we got back from Vegas.  The characters in this adventure are myself, my BFF and my mom.  We will call BFF “R” and mom will be known as….well, mom.

A little background, R and I have been friends since the age of 5.  Our father’s worked together for an airline and our families are as close as real family to this day.  That would put this at a 33 year friendship so far.  Not too shabby!  R lives about 3 hours from me and it has been a good 17 years since we have gone on a trip together.  She’s never been to Vegas and it was time!

Mom and I got a ride to DFW from a local transportation company that I work with through my job. We were picked up early in the morning in a big comfy Escalade with the nicest driver ever.  We had great conversation on the way to the airport and his professionalism just reinforces the reason why we use them for our clients.  It was great.

Had an uneventful flight into LAS.  A little turbulence early in the flight.  That’s why I had to have breakfast:


We met R in the baggage claim.  Her flight arrived about an hour before ours.  I had arranged a one way limo transport through Presidential Limo.  We had used them this past March and had a great experience.  This experience wasn’t so great.  Our driver was not very friendly and seemed very rushed.  With our one way transfer, we are given 1.5 hr in the limo.  I asked if he could take us to the Las Vegas sign.  He seemed less than happy that I asked such a question.  Quickly we arrived at the sign and he told us to “hurry up” out of the limo.  He rushed us up past the line of people and took our picture to the side.  Then again urged us to hurry as he walked us back to the limo.  He was about 5 feet in front of us…any faster and he would’ve been in an all out sprint.  I was sort of embarrassed in front of my mom and R…because using Presidential was my idea and I was raving about them before the trip.


Me, Mom and R

20151010_103358 20151010_102954

Here’s the sign pic…it came out ok.


We were at the Palazzo in the blink of an eye.  I’m a travel agent and IHG rewards us with IHG priority club points for booking clients into their properties.  We book A LOT of Holiday Inn reservations so I had enough points when I booked this for two free nights and one paid night at the travel agent rate.  I’ve never stayed at Palazzo/Venetian but I’ve always wanted to.  We checked in at the IHG Elite desk and our check in lady was so sweet.  She was really great at explaining things and took her time, not rushing us.  We were upgraded to a strip view.

When we got to the room the girls were amazed.  It was huge!

20151010_112211 20151010_112225 20151010_112233 20151010_11265020151010_112252 20151010_112301

First item of importance, lunch!  We went to Noodle Asia inside the Venetian.  I love this place and it’s one of the only Asian restaurants I’ve found that doesn’t put MSG in all of their dishes.  My mom is allergic.

20151010_124002 20151010_124008

After lunch I bet $20 on the US vs Mex soccer game – which I lost because US lost.  Thanks Juergen!

We wanted to show R around and really didn’t have many plans for the first day.  I had also booked a room at the Excalibur because Mlife gave me 2 free nights, no resort fee, $50 resort credit and $100 free play.  I used a MyVegas BOGO monorail reward at Bally’s so we wouldn’t have to walk all the way down there.  We took the monorail from Bally’s to MGM.  R wanted to see the MGM so we walked through and of course I had to play a few machines on the way.  Had a bit of luck at a triple red hot 7’s machine and walked out of MGM $70 richer than I did when we walked in.

Next, over to Excalibur to check in and get my freebies.  We went up to the room just for the heck of it and as usual, the Excalibur hallway was like a dungeon and even though I had been given one of the “renovated” rooms, it was not much better than the non-renovated room we had on spring break.  I was so glad not to sleep there!

I played my $100 free play in a $1 triple red hot 7s machine, $5 max bet.  It went quickly, didn’t hit much and only walked away with $50 cash.  At least it was $50 casino money I had in my wallet when I was done.

The next decision probably was not a great one.  I wanted to use my $50 resort credit for dinner.  We went to Dick’s Last Resort.  I warned everyone about what Dick’s was and thought there would be some good laughs.  Well, there were a few laughs but I think my mom didn’t find everything too funny.  She and R got hats….I didn’t.  I won’t share what they said out of respect for them but let’s just say our waiter went easy on us compared to others around us!

The drinks were good. I had a Firey Apple – Angry Orchard Hard Cider and Fireball Whiskey….mom had a beer and R had a margarita.  We ordered crab balls, nachos and fried pickles.  Food that would haunt me later.

20151010_162423(0) 20151010_162438


After DInner

20151010_203024 20151010_203028

By the time we got back to the Palazzo, my stomach was aching from dinner.  I can’t eat a lot of crap like the crap we ate.  I should’ve known better.  We stayed in the room for a while to charge our phones, watch US lose to Mexico and let my stomach calm down a bit.

We played a bit that night and found a bank of Leprechaun’s Gold machines.  The Leprechaun bonus on my machine was randomly triggering quite frequently.  I didn’t have any big wins but it was fun.  This was the best one I had:

We were able to play there for quite a while.  Last machine of the night, I had a 10 minute bonus on Willy Wonka.  Not a huge win but it was fun!

Mom and R got tired and went up to the room.  Of course my degenerate ass had to stay and play a while longer.  I think I went up around 130am and was lucky to end the day with the same bankroll I started with +$60.

Day two coming soon…Mon Ami Gabi and Legends in Concert!