Restin’ at Sandestin

There is no hiding the fact that our family loves to go to Florida.  We love the beaches, sunshine and the ocean breeze.  It’s definitely one of our favorite places to visit.

In 2010 we took our second trip to Sandestin, FL.  Sandestin is within the Florida panhandle right close to Ft. Walton Beach.  You may have heard of Destin, FL….Sandestin is it’s own small “community” you might say, within Destin.

The community is gated and visitors are regulated by the guard shack.  Inside the grounds are condos, houses and a couple of hotels.  There is a golf course that runs throughout and the bay waters feed into the canals and ponds that surround the buildings.

The main center of the Sandestin complex is Baytowne Wharf, which is a shopping and eating area similar to say, Downtown Disney.  There are shops and restaurants onsite as well as a boat dock and marina.  Every day they have activities going on for all ages such as concerts, arts and crafts, magic shows, a zipline, movies under the stars etc…  Once a week they shoot off fireworks that can be seen throughout the Sandestin area.

Accross the main street from the Sandestin complex is the beach.  There are a few hotels that sit on that beach as well as condos and another golf course in that area too!  The beach is amazing… the water is clear and the sand is white.  Gulf water is uaually around 80 degrees or warmer, which makes me happy!  Beware jellyfish however!  One year they had an odd occurance of a jellyfish “surge”.  It was so bad we couldn’t go into the water without getting stung. 

For this trip in 2010 we drove there as usual, staying over in Baton Rouge, LA on the way.  We stayed in a condo with my mom and dad which had a bedroom downstairs and 2 bedrooms upstairs.  It was right on the waterfront so we enjoyed plenty of relaxation just sitting outside and enjoying the view. 

We all did plenty of fishing and I found that it was very theraputic and calming!  I sat out there on that pier for hours.  Didn’t catch much but it was a good time.  After experimenting with several different types of “bait”….hot dogs, sandwich meat, squid etc… My dad finally caught “The Big One”.  It was more like a scene out of Hillbilly Handfshin’ because the fish tried to get away and broke the line.  My father’s response to that was a “Hell no, you’re not going anywhere!” and prodceeded to leap into the water and wrestle the fish up onto the shore.  We got the trophy pick and released that bugger back into the water.

Sandestin is definitely a perfect family vacation destination, especially if you are just looking for a relaxing time.  For more information on Sandestin go to or for vacation rentals in Sandestin.

2 thoughts on “Restin’ at Sandestin

  1. It's a very inexpensive option, especially if you go with a rental. Do you live close? Our kids absolutely love it and keep asking when we're going back!


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