The Blessings in Life

I apologize for being “absent” for the last 5 days without a post.  A family member had an unfortunate accident which tossed my world upside down over the weekend.  Thanks to the power of prayer, the droves of Angels that flew to his side in his time of need and the grace of our ever loving God, he is recovering well.  I have never been more thankful in my life.

Although this is a travel blog, I just wanted to venture outside that realm for a moment.  It goes without saying that every day on this earth is a blessing and we should never take anything for granted.  In a split second, all can be lost or changed dramatically.  Sometimes it takes a sharp slap in the face by reality to realize how fragile our time here is.  We should never, ever doubt that God’s presence surrounds us always and He can perform miracles.  Our plan is already decided by Him and he calls His angels to protect us. 

As I was saying goodnight to my 11 year old daughter last night, I saw that she wrote something on a piece of paper and taped it up on her wall.  It said “Love life, it is short”. 


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