Muppet Monday – Fraggle Rock

Good Monday morning to you all!  I certainly hope you had a great weekend.  I had to take a couple of days off from my blog to give my brain a much-needed rest.  I made yummy spaghetti and meatballs (meatless ones for me) last night in honor of the Italy vs. Spain Euro 2012 final yesterday.  I was very sad for my Italians but they played a great game and are a wonderful team.  They should be very proud.  Spain is just that good.

Today for Muppet Monday I wanted to pay homage to one of my very favorite Muppet creations, “Fraggle Rock”.  You remember the Fraggles….little furry, colorful creatures who lived in underground caves without a care in the world.  Their days consisting of mainly resting, playing, exploring and stealing radishes from the Grogs.  The Grogs were the huge human-like muppets with big heads living above ground with their tempting radish gardens.

Then there were the Doozers.  The Doozers were the exact opposites of the Fraggles.  Doozers were all work and no play – meticulously building construction sites that the Fraggles would constantly try to eat.  There was no surer way of ticking off a Doozer than to take a bite out of his buildings!

We all loved Travelin’ Matt, Doc and everyone’s favorite muppet dog….Sprocket.  Sprocket was probably the smartest of them all.  He would see the Fraggles and always tried to get Doc to see them too.  It never worked out tho….poor Sprocket!

Although at first glance “Fraggle Rock” seems like just another muppet show for children, if you look deeper into what it really is — it presents stories of life lessons, relationship building, social issues and morality.  As a child, these things are easily missed but if you go back as an adult and watch even just a few episodes you will see these messages being portrayed.  Jim Henson was a genius in this way.  These little bouncy, colorful creatures were much more than lazy, shoeless cave dwellers!

Did you watch Fraggle Rock?


Warning: Watching video above may result in the “Fraggle Rock” theme song playing over and over in your head for the remainder of the day!


9 thoughts on “Muppet Monday – Fraggle Rock

    • I love that too — God broke the mold when he made 2 very special people — Jim Henson and Walt Disney. I couldn’t imagine a world without them or their creations!


  1. Being English, I didn’t shed any tears for Italy when they were beaten by Spain. If that makes me sound bitter and infantile, that’s probably because I am bitter and infantile.

    I haven’t watched Fraggle Rock for years! I remember watching it as a kid, and found the Doozers fascinating.


    • That’s perfectly ok, I forgive you! I have several English friends….I completely understand the bitterness! Lol
      I don’t think I fully understood the dynamic between the Doozers and the Fraggles until I was older. If I had to pick which one I’d rather be, I think I’d be a Fraggle. A purple one.


  2. I have tried numerous times to make my kids watch “Fraggle Rock,” and they just won’t get with it. Makes me wonder if I brought the wrong kids home from the hospital.


    • OMG I know! I’ve tried to shove muppets down my kids throats (ok not literally but..) and they don’t like it as much as I do…err…did…it’s just a generation thing I think. Nowadays muppets are just not as interesting as CGI animation, Xbox games, internet and the like. When I was a kid, Jim Henson ruled my world. A 7 foot talking yellow bird was considered an amazing thing in my eyes.


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