Aloha in T-Minus 15 days and Counting….

That’s right.  In 15 days I will be on a plane heading for paradise.  I already have vacationitis and really can’t think of much else than the ocean breeze and sand beneath my toes.  I haven’t been to Hawaii since 1995 and my kids have never gone.  We’ve scrimped, saved and sacrificed this year so that we could take this trip – Hawaii is expensive!!

My aunt (my dad’s sister) and her family live in Honolulu.  They have lived there for many, many years.  My father worked for American Airlines so when I was young, I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to Hawaii a handful of times.  My last visit was right after high school graduation in 1995.  My God, that was 17 years ago….I feel so old!

Now that my kids are older, this seemed like a perfect time to take them.  I’m not sure that they are as excited as we (the adults) are quite yet but it might just be because they don’t know what to expect.  Or maybe it’s just because they don’t go to work every day, go shopping, pay the bills, do the housework…and everything else that we adults look forward to escaping on a much-needed vacation!

I plan on blogging live from the trip each day with pictures (that is the plan anyway) and I will try to tweet pictures throughout the trip as well.  I can’t wait to share Hawaii with you and our experiences there.  We will be there for 5 days and are trying to cram as much in as possible because who knows when we will be able to afford going back!



13 thoughts on “Aloha in T-Minus 15 days and Counting….

  1. Totally jealous of your trip. We have a “Hawaii Fund” change jar. I figure the kids will be in their 30’s before we fill it. Have fun.

    And from one blogger to another, enjoy your trip, take lots of pictures and blog about it when you get back! Trying to blog during is exhausting.


    • Lol! Its taken us 14 years to finally go as a family. The only problems once you go, you want to go back and there’s more than one island to explore! Right, I say I’m going to blog live but I can see that plan flying right out my condo window! 


  2. Have a wonderful trip!!!..I know the excitement it causes as next year we celebrate our 50th anniversary and are ‘planning’ a trip to a place I’ve always wanted to go..Aruba…don’t know why…but just praying that we are able to…Diane


  3. Lovely picture, and I’m sure you will have a great time. The children may not appreciate the trip now, but I’m sure they will appreciate it as they grow older.
    I took my kids to Nassau with me on several of my visits there…my mom’s family is from there. They didn’t enjoy it so much at first, but now they go there more than I do. They are both grown and on their own now. 🙂


    • Have you made your reservations? Time to start that aloha dreaming! Congrats on 10 years, staying married these days deserves an award to those of us that actually do! 


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