Lost in the Airport!

As if I’m not anxious enough about flying on Sunday to Hawaii, I had to go and have a nightmare last night about the flight.  Isn’t it weird how our brains transform our hidden stress into vivid, nerve-wrecking, realistic dreams that no matter how hard you try — you can’t make yourself wake up from when you want to?

It started with all of us waiting to board the plane.  We all had our boarding passes — me, my husband and our kids.  When we bought the tickets we made sure to pay a little more for seats all together so none of us would have to spend either flight (we are connecting in LAX) sitting next to a pervert.  C’mon, you know that if you have to share your personal space with a stranger you automatically assume they are a pervert and try never to make eye contact — well, I do.

Anyway, in the dream right before boarding we looked down at our passes and saw that our seats were all separate.  My daughter got a seat in the middle all the way in the back of the plane and was very upset.  I tried to get the agent to change the seats but she said it was too late.  We got in our seats and then I realized I forgot my bag under the chair in the waiting area!  I went to go get it and somehow (you know how dreams are) the airport suddenly transformed into somewhere completely different and all of a sudden I had no idea where I was or how to get back to the plane — and more importantly, my family.

I finally found a gate and was allowed onto the plane.  I couldn’t see my husband or kids but I just thought it was because I was frazzled and it was a packed flight.  The pilot starts to make an announcement and says “Thank you for joining us on flight yada-yada…non-stop service from DFW to Chicago”  What??  Chicago?  NO, NO!  I’m going to LAX!!

I bolted up out of my seat and ran furiously off of the plane.  Again, I was in the strange terminal and was lost.  Panic completely sets in and at this point one part of my brain knows I’m sleeping and it’s a dream.  I’m trying to wake up because I can’t breath but I don’t.  Finally I make it back to GATE 58 (I even remember the gate number!) and onto the plane.  They are just about to pull away for take off.

I turn around and see my poor daughter stuffed between two weirdos and starting to cry.  That makes me start to cry and at this point my alarm goes off and I wake up.  Thank God!  I was drenched in sweat and still felt like I wanted to cry.

Normally I hit the snooze and try to get in 10 extra minutes.  Not this time.  I was happy to wake up and get ready for work!


11 thoughts on “Lost in the Airport!

    • They have those? I need to make friends with one of those hypnotist people…they can put a “spell” on me (or whatever they do) before I leave and tell my husband the trigger word so he can pull me out of it when we land.


  1. ryoko861 says:

    Have you ever flown before?
    Now, I could see myself having a nightmare like that since I’ve never flown. Don’t stress over it, take it one day at a time. Don’t think about what’s going to go on at the airport. Worry about that when you get there. Right now, worry about packing and domestic crap. And wow, think about Hawaii! How cool is that?? Have a great time!!


    • This is the really weird thing. I’ve been flying all my life. My dad worked for American Airlines for 40 years so we would fly standby all over the place when I was young (when it was easy to fly standby). Back then, my mom was the nervous one — I had NO problems with it and actually enjoyed flying. Now, as I am older and have kids of my own I’m a nervous wreck. Maybe it’s because I know more now than I did back then…maybe it’s because I have 2 other lives that I am responsible for other than my own…maybe I watch too much TV and too many movies…..maybe it’s just me getting old and crazy!


      • Nunciata says:

        I don’t remember you being so fearful when we were younger! But then, I’ve even gotten more tense as I’ve had kids and Lord knows I’ve flown enough, lol! You’ll be fine and y’all are going to have an awesome time in HI!


  2. Yikes, what a nightmare! Sounds as if your brain won’t turn off the worry long enough for you to get some decent sleep. I’d suggest napping on the plane, but only if you’re seated next to your family — nobody in her right mind sleeps next to perverts, haha!


  3. Not what you need just before leaving on a wonderful holiday…but hopefully tonight you will sleep soundly and without any further nightmares. I’ve had my share of them so I know how it feels…not pleasant at all… Have a good sleep and trip….Diane


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