My Son the Sardine and our Descent Into Paradise

As I have time to post, I figure I should just take this day by day before my memory fails me.  It’s just one of the many drawbacks of getting old….

So I think how I ended the last post was prior to our arrival in LAX.  Needless to say we made it safely and without any more vomit-episodes.  Our pukey friend did start making some unpleasant noises upon our descent into Los Angeles but my husband reassured me that her whole head was now inside a huge plastic bag this time.  We were safe.  All we got was an “I’m sorry I threw up on you, I have food poisoning” as we were waiting to disembark the plane.  My dear daughter said “that’s okay…”

My last time at LAX airport was when the hubs and I were connecting from Las Vegas back to DFW.  We were only there a short time so I didn’t notice how incredibly nasty, rundown and unsavory that airport has become.  We arrived with a little under 2 hours until our flight to Honolulu.  Our bodies were still running on Texas time and although it was nearing 9am in LA, we were hungry for lunch.  The kids were begging for us to eat at Chili’s in the terminal but quickly changed their tune when once inside, they realized that the only choice was breakfast.  About 30 minutes and $70 later, our tummies were full and we were very anxious to get on our plane to Hawaii. 

My beef about LAX airport is that it is just disgusting.  The floors, walls, windows, restrooms.…everything is just gross.  There aren’t enough chairs for everyone and you end up having to sit on the nasty floor.  The only power plug area in our terminal was over near the bathrooms so you are forced to inhale the stench that arose from the crappers while charging your electronics.  There are some pretty interesting characters passing through there as well.  I found myself keeping a close eye on my belongings….and my children.  Before the flight I went to the gift shop for a few drinks and snacks to bring on the plane.  Four sodas, 1 bag of Oreos and 3 bags of chips set me back $30 I shit you not.  $100 in less than 2 hours at the freaking airport.  Unbelievable.

The flight was okay…I’m not a fan of takeoff, landing or anything in between.  I wish I could just close my eyes, click my heels and be at my destination.  Too bad that’s not the case.  My daughter had instructed my son that HE would be the one sitting by the window this time.  I think the vomit ordeal has ruined her from window seats for life.  So, my 5 foot 11, 220lb soon-to-be 14 year old son had to cram himself into the tiny little window seat for the 5.5 hour flight.  Top that off with the fact that the person sitting in front of him had his seat reclined all the way back the entire time.  My son wasn’t even able to use his laptop because he couldn’t open it all the way.  He decided that there was nothing more to do but to talk my ear off the entire flight. 

Upon our descent into Oahu, the kids were enjoying the view.  I wish I had gotten some pictures from the plane but I don’t do well on landings and was feeling a little woozy myself.  I had to keep my head resting on the seat in front of me so not to repeat what we had gone through earlier!  My son commented that it was the bluest water he had ever seen and at one point my daughter thought that we were going to land in the ocean!  I did lift my head up a couple of times so I could take in the beauty as well.  It is definitely one of the most (if not THE most) beautiful places to fly over in an airplane.

Stay tuned for the rest of day one as we arrived and had a nice family gathering with lots of FOOD!

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