Beautiful Blogger Award: Call the Paramedics!

Oh my goodness…three awards in 3 days….I don’t know if I can take all this excitement.  I am getting older you know!!

The Beautiful Blogger came to me by way of Carla Sue @Eat Sweet. and I can’t be more thankful.   If you haven’t done so already I strongly urge you to get on her blog and check out those incredible little bits of heaven that she makes.  A personal favorite….because I’m a Harry Potter nerd …she has successfully conjured up Butterbeer.

Since I’m accepting the award, I need to come up with 7 more things about me.  This is going to be difficult.  I’m not that interesting people!!

  1. I took a freshman to senior prom.  Yup, cradle robber.
  2. All ASPCA commercials make me cry.  I’m crying right now, there’s one on TV at this very moment.
  3. I took Spanish class from Kindergarten – graduating high school and all I can say is “Hi what’s your name?”
  4. I never went to public school in my life.
  5. I’ve never gotten a speeding ticket (or any other traffic-related violation)
  6. I’ve never broken a bone.
  7. I quit smoking after 16 years about 3.5 months ago cold turkey.

Below are the blogs that I would like to pass the Beautiful Blogger Award on to.
Congratulations to all of you, it is well deserved.


#iPhoneography & Observations

Don’t Quote Lilly

Long Life Cats and Dogs

The Fire Horse


Finding Furever

The blogs I have listed have supported me and been following my blog for a while.  I enjoy visiting their sites just as much.  Congratulations!

Beautiful Blogger Award – Rules for Winners (if you choose to accept!)
1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to their blog.
2. Choose seven blogs to nominate and let them know by leaving a comment.
3. Request that the chosen blogs pass on the award to their favourite blogs.
4. Copy and paste the award on your blog post.
5. List seven things about yourself.

19 thoughts on “Beautiful Blogger Award: Call the Paramedics!

  1. Oh wow, Oh my. I just saw this – thank you, thank you so much. I was going to comment on your things about yourself, which I found rather amusing but now I only have excitement and thanks for the award. I feel truly honoured and glad that you are helping to get the plight of rescue animals out there.


    • I check your blog every day. It especially warms my heart when you post about sweeties that have found furever homes. My mom’s dog is a rescue from a shelter and his is a great story. I will be sharing it as we get closer to the holidays…his name is Teddy “Christmas” 🙂


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