Rant: Why I Dislike Victoria Beckham

While watching the closing ceremonies last night I had a spontaneous angry outburst when the Spice Girls appeared.  “Why won’t she smile for the love of God???” Yup, you know who I’m talking about.  Posh Spice herself, Victoria Beckham.  If you watched the show, you would’ve noticed that she didn’t get much camera time but in the shots in which she was included, she’s doing a whole lotta nuthin while her group-mates are rocking it up.  There is one shot where the other girls are dancing, smiling and singing to each other and she’s just standing there like a mannequin.  Seriously?  That had to have been awkward for the other girls.

I’ve heard that she was borderline “forced” to do the short reunion spot at the ceremony and only under the pretense that nobody ever ask her to join them on stage again.  I think maybe she was jealous that she wasn’t asked to do the fashion/runway bit instead.

Does this disdain for her come from the fact that I am jealous you ask?  Maybe — but only over one thing:
I’m sorry, but can someone explain to me why when you are married to this:

You have to always look like this:

I bet she’d feel a lot better if somebody fed her something.

24 thoughts on “Rant: Why I Dislike Victoria Beckham

  1. ryoko861 says:

    I’ve always felt she was anorexic/bulimic. She designed the interior of the 2012 Ranger Rover. Like, what constitutes her to be an auto designer? She’s a train wreck in the making. Married to a famous soccer player or not, she’s wasted. Just give her time…..
    (can you tell I don’t like her either?)


    • What I find mind-blowing is how they’ve been together forever. Did you know they had been dating since they were like 16?? Says a lot for Mr. Beckham’s character. He must genuinely be a very nice guy.


      • ryoko861 says:

        She’s really nothing to look at. While I was waiting for a station to put new tires on my car she was on the cover of Allure magazine. J-Lo and Beyonce have it ALL over her as far as looks go! She’s just a plan jane. A good make up artist can do wonders for anyone! Either Mr. B is a very nice guy or she’s great in bed.


      • no they havent nad david beckham was caught out having an affair with rebecca loos back in 2003 …look it up …she hangs on to him for dear life and if ever you get the chance to watch at home with the real beckhams you can see how positivly bored of her and her clinging on and posing actually embaresses him


  2. Nami says:

    I think that’s the “stop checking out my husband” look. My husband is short, bald and wide – but I always have a smile on my face!


      • OR if the wind changes direction your face will stay that way! Looks like the wind changed direction at the wrong time for Mrs. Beckham! (I totally agree and I don’t understand at all why she never smiles. She hasn’t always been this way so may be it’s just the ways she is NOW?). Anyway, the Spice girls were a manufactured band and none of them were exceptional vocalists – only ‘sporty’ could sing with some power in her voice and all the rest flopped when they tried to be solo artists and that was no surprise!


    • So true, I went to her FB page and there are pics of all these other female celebrities and models smiling and looking pretty. All of hers however were of her normal scowl. Unfortunate indeed!


    • So I was looking for some witty way to respond to this and as I’m typing into google I put “schm..”…I get the definition for the work “schmuck”….I never knew this but literally it means: “That portion of one’s penis which is cut off during circumcision,a Yiddish term (an accent of the german language used by jewish people)” Funny, I always called that a “schmeckel”


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