F**k It! It’s Friday

Can I call today “F**k It! It’s Friday” Friday? Because that’s the way I really feel after the week I’ve had.

The weeks leading up to school starting again are exhausting.  In the last few days I have battled the crowds of school supply hungry mothers at Walmart, decided on and ordered new “grown up” furniture for my son’s room and spent all day yesterday with my two arguing children while attending middle school orientation day.  The fact that on most days this summer they have rarely opened their eyes before the afternoon hours and stay awake until witching hour…did not help.

This was me last night (well, I’m not that hairy)

If this is a sign of the months to come, I’m not sure that I will make it to Christmas!  It’s funny how moms of very young children think that the toddler years are hectic and exhausting.  I am officially telling them that IT GETS WORSE.  I wouldn’t mind having little ones again.  The most I’d have to worry about is changing diapers and what kiddie show to watch on TV.

Having children of the ages almost 12 and 14 brings a whole other set of problems.  I won’t even go on that rant but I can tell you that as kids get older, they change.  They change in ways you can’t even imagine.  Hormones are terrible, terrible things and they can make you wake up one day and wonder whose children are living in your house.  I never know what to expect one day to the next.  I also am a firm believer that girls are SO much harder than boys.

Look Familiar?

My son went through a mouthy and somewhat dramatically angry phase when he was around 10-11 years old.  He was a pretty difficult baby/toddler too who always demanded lots of attention.  He still gets the first place drama queen award however he now is easily satisfied (food, video games etc)  and for the most part, very consistent with his attitude.  Once I get past the dirty gym sock smell of his mostly always messy boy room, he’s tolerable.

My daughter on the other hand is like this:


Or maybe even a little like this:

Who is it today?

Some days I’ve found out that it is best to just keep my mouth shut.  It seems to tame the monster and keep the transformation at bay.  Overall, dealing with a pre-teen girl is like taming a wild horse. I honestly don’t remember being this way when I was young — although my mother might disagree.  I definitely feel more sympathy for my parents now (especially mom) than ever before.

As we enter the last week of summer before all hell breaks loose I will try to visualize my children as they were back in their “cute” stages of calling me mommy and spontaneous kisses before I act on my frustrations brought on by hormone-riddled tantrums (theirs, not mine). Thankfully these days will not last forever…… however this is bittersweet because once they are over, so are their childhoods.

I think I might go home tonight, pour a glass of wine, sit down in front of the TV, poop in my DVD of Elmo-Palooza and have a good cry.

20 thoughts on “F**k It! It’s Friday

  1. You may not be as hairy as the first photo pup but are you as cute? That was adorable. However, I feel your pain. I don’t have kids myself but have a positive hoard of God children and am frequently involved in the run around they manage to cause. Hope you manage to have a very relaxing weekend.


  2. Rose says:

    You said, “Poop in my dvd of Elmopalooza.” I can’t help to think you might be knocking back some adult bevvies now! “Do you pop out at parties? Are you un-POOP-ular. Try some Vitamitavegimin” LOL!!!!! I still love ya! –Rosie


  3. ryoko861 says:

    Yup. You’re entering those “FUN” stages! You wouldn’t mind little ones again. Um, those little ones get bigger, you know (yes, I know you know).
    I will have to admit, I’m REALLY glad I’m out of that back to school stage. My 21 yo starts his classes soon, but he’s old enough to go get his own supplys. Back to school is a headache. At this time of season, they are SO ready to go back! Things will calm when it starts and everyone gets settled in. Then you have to deal with the homework, projects, “he said, she said”, teachers, and…………….other moms!


  4. I’m stressed just reading this! I don’t have kids but when I picture it, those are the ages I dread. And I definitely agree girls are much more difficult! I hope you’re able to finally relax. 😉


    • Yesterday at the orientation they had the 7/8th grade cheerleaders doing a “show”. I was looking at the group while they were not…well, doing anything and was just looking at their body language, facial expressions etc…. and I thought….oh Lord…girls.


  5. Oh dear!! I’m so happy I found a blog about preteens-teenagers!! As chaotic our household is with all these little ones running around it will make me hug them a little closer today!!! There is good stuff for me to look forward to though….right?!! right?!! haha!!


  6. Totally feeling your pain! We’re approaching those middle school/preteen/tween years. I had a small taste of this lovely phase of childhood as a teacher. I know just enough to realize we’re really in for it. I swear every day that goes by, too, like you said, I see childhood slipping away and want to cry. So, we’re trying to equip ourselves for the insanity and We’ve been reading a great new book that we are really excited about, so I just have to share. It’s called “MiddleSchool: The Inside Story- What Kids Tell Us, But Don’t Tell You,” by Cynthia Tobias and Sue Acuna. It has interviews and feedback from middle schoolers, parents and teachers (and a little humor) to help us deal with tackling social media, technology, Internet, gaming, faith, purity, puberty, communication, independence, discipline and accountability, and deepening and strengthening positive, loving relationship. It’s so rich in valuable help as we face these transitional years with our kids. I think everyone with a middle schooler or who will have a middle schooler will benefit from it. I highly recommend it!


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