Breaking up with my Wednesday Theme

I must’ve been in a vodka-induced stupor when I decided to theme my Wednesday posts as “Where in the World Wednesdays”.  A few months later, here I am trying to rack my brain and scan through thousands of pictures to find something.  I’m not doing it anymore.  Where in the World Wednesday, I hereby break up with you — It’s not me, it’s you — I think you are stupid and I simply don’t like you anymore.

courtesy of

Now I need to find something else to write about………

17 thoughts on “Breaking up with my Wednesday Theme

    • I’m learning more about blogging as I visit other blogger’s pages and find that it really shouldn’t be a difficult task. I’m enjoying just saying whatever I want whenever I want!


  1. You could always start a WTF Wednesday and find some really outrageous story or video or picture that just makes you say “WTF!”.
    I can’t put myself under that kind of pressure. I envy people that can post every day!


    • I think if I did a WTF Wednesday it would probably get out of control and I’d end up getting banned from WordPress or committed to an insane asylum. When I get on a roll there’s no stopping me…might not be a good example of my character..hehe


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