I’m Not Like You

I was going to just leave up one post today but I felt the need to vent about middle school parent night yesterday evening.  Let me start by saying, I live in an uber-suburbian area of North Texas.  Think big, blonde hair, bedazzled flip flops and jeans, botox, extraneous amounts of jewelry, Expeditions and fat wallets.  If you know what I mean…

I’m not knocking the neighborhood….we chose to live here.  It’s safe, decent and the middle school is excellent.  The kids aren’t so bad either.  It’s just the parents that drive me nuts.

As I’m sitting there last night trying to somewhat pay attention to a ruthlessly long PTA meeting, I can’t hear a word the lady is saying over the LOUD speaker because of two chatty Cathy dingbat twins sitting directly behind me. I put up with it for a while but finally couldn’t take it anymore and waited out in the hall before visiting my son’s first class. Before I left I took a look around and wondered how I ended up in an episode of the Real Housewives of Dallas.

Before you think I’m being hateful, keep in mind that these opinions and observations are coming from someone who prefers the elusive and long distance web-based relationships within the blogosphere rather than real life, tangible ones.  That is just me. You could call me anti-social, I just call myself careful and selective. At least I’m not fake.  I still have my real boobs, my lips aren’t any bigger than the ones I was born with, I prefer Jason Mraz to Justin Beiber, I don’t own any clothing with sparkles or sequins, I have a few extra pounds on me, I don’t wear much jewelry or makeup and I still shop at Walmart.  Yep, even for….gasp!  Clothing sometimes.

I guess I’m the odd man out.  I don’t dress to impress and I could pretty much care less of what others opinions are of me or my family.  We are good people and we are REAL.  I believe that friends or quality are more important than friends of quantity and that is why I have two best friends (who I call “lifers”) and their families who I hold dear to my heart.  No need to be fake to gain shallow popularity.  Unfortunately as I’m observing many of these parents and overhearing conversations, that’s what seems to be what was going on in that school last night.

In almost every classroom I moved from and to something struck me as funny and pretty much typical of the school’s demographic.  From the father trying to impress his new fellow football parent “friends” by thoroughly describing his entire middle school experience from centuries ago to the mom who somewhat yelled at the Video Tech teacher when he admitted that he was a bit behind in updating his school site.  I wanted to tell the father to shut the hell up, nobody cares and tell the mom to give the teacher a frickin break…it’s only the first week of school for crying out loud!

I just don’t get it.  Maybe I’m not supposed to, and that’s ok.  For now it is humoring me and giving me some great material to use on my blog.  So buckle up and get ready for a bumpy ride as the school year gets rolling…this is gonna be good.  We have football games, choir concerts and band concerts approaching.  I’m sure that I will be dumbfounded and flabbergasted more than once and will want to share it with all of my loyal followers and friends out in Bloggerland who seem to understand all too well!

And just because no blog can be without a picture:


24 thoughts on “I’m Not Like You

  1. Dig the picture! So get what you are saying about being “real” and concentrating on true friendships. I think I might go nuts living in an area such as yours – not that we lack any pretentious attitudes here in South Africa though. Children appear not to be on the cards for me (the universe seems to have decided that), so I don’t have to go through the hell of PTA meetings – although I get regular and somewhat similar updates from my friends with kids. Sometimes I’m really pleased to just have to deal with animals!


  2. changeforbetterme says:

    Having lived in Texas, all over Texas in the past I do know what you are talking about. I don’t have kids, but I met more than a few of the parents that you describe. I love Texas, just …….well you know since you are experiencing it. 😉


  3. Squirrels Rule, high five! 😉

    You can pretend you’re an anthropologist on a long-term study of the strange customs of the region. Just be careful not to anger the natives; you don’t want to end up in someones cooking pot!

    Have you seen the Mike Judge movie, Idiocracy? If not, I think you might appreciate it…


  4. We’ve got a lot in common. I’m uncomfortable around fake people, too. As a therapist I know better, I know that it comes from low self-esteem, yadda yadda yadda… It’s just that I don’t have the energy to be around it anymore. At this point in my life I only want real relationships. No sparkly bejeweled sequin crap for me either!
    Back to school night… I shudder at the thought. : )


    • Ugh shudder away girl…I think that’s why I’m so tired today, from all the shuddering I did yesterday. Ha. yeah it seems as I get older — people think I’m grumpy…I’m not, I’m just not into all the drama anymore. I prefer REAL.


  5. I wouldn’t say you’re the “odd man out.” Good for you for keeping it real. Fake people are just awful. But they make for good stories/blog posts. 😉 (I also prefer this blog world vs real life so yay, I’m not alone.)

    The squirrel pic, so funny!


  6. Dear D,
    GREAT blogging material. You be the fly on the wall….and let the crazy people be the entertainment.
    My good friend just got back from the Mrs. America Pageant (Mrs. South Dakota)….I just had lunch with her…and wow. Did I get an education through her….on FAKE people.
    I’ve told friends..if I ever go oer to the fake side…put me out of my misery.
    Love, Lis


  7. ryoko861 says:

    Let the fun begin! AH, middle school! I had more fun in the elementary level. I gave all that shit up when the kids went into 6th grade. And to this day I have NO idea who my kids teachers were in high school. I never went to conferences anymore and left the PTA long behind. The novelty wore off. It was bad enough I had to deal with the recreational sports idiots and “my kid is better than you kid because mine is going to be an all-star” fathers.


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