Wanna Play?

Happy Friday everyone — are you as excited as I am about the fact that we have a THREE day weekend?  Anyone got any big plans?

I’m having a ton of fun with Le Clown’s blogroll contest and thanks to Madam Weeble’s Mad Libs challenge yesterday, I’m moving up in the ranks.  However, I’m still getting beaten by a long shot.  It’s ok tho because I’ve met so many interesting bloggers and this experience is helping me open my mind and find my creative voice that has been in hiding somewhere since high school English class!  (which was ages ago).

That doesn’t mean that I’m not still fighting….and if you like, you can help me!  Today’s challenge is posted HERE.  Brought to us by Rollergiraffe, it is a very flattering picture of Mr. Le Clown himself enjoying what seems to be some sort of Panini sandwich.  He is deep in thought.  Can you tell us what he’s thinking??

If you decide to play along, leave a comment on the challenge thread and the “noses” you earn will be credited to me.  It’s all in good fun and it’s really interesting to see what everyone comes up with.  There are so many talented minds out there!  I even vote for my competitors.  It’s so hard not to!

So, put your thinking caps on and join the fun.  Have a great weekend!

8 thoughts on “Wanna Play?

  1. Le Clown says:

    When I came to get you, it was for selfish reasons… I do want you on my blogroll. And I will say it out loud, screaming it on the roofs! Because you wrote another post about the contest, I will give you an extra 3 clown noses. Because I feel generous. It’s Friday after all, like you said…
    Le Clown


    • I bow to you Le Clown….I’m not worthy!! Many thanks and I’ll shout it from the rooftops….I’m having a blast with this no matter if I get a spot or not. Keeps the mind young and the wit sharp.
      Looks like you really enjoyed that sandwich .. must’ve been real good 🙂


      • So no meat?? Yay. Good choice. You get extra clown noses…from me. Even thought I’m not crazy about goat cheese….tastes kinda like dirty feet, IMHO.


      • Le Clown says:

        I might love all the clown noses admitting that I eat meat with my cereals, and chocolate, and when I sleep, meat visits my dreams, especially in the tubular for of dried sausages full of nitrates, which will make my body preserved for at least 50 years after my death.


  2. Alright then – off to vote for you, even though you are ahead of me. Who thought I’d ever be interested in receiving clown noses but, now that I’ve started, I simply have to get them. Anyway, got to run so i can tell Le Clown to give you even more noses.


    • Hugs and thanks to you! I will be sending you an extra nose too. One can never have too many! And yes, this contest has become extremely addictive. I will be going through withdrawal when it’s over.


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