Where Were You?

I had worked the night before.  I was an overnight manager at the call center.  I had just kissed my husband goodbye as he left for work and the kids were still sleeping.  My son had just turned 3 and my daughter was not quite 1 yet.  I remember just getting settled in and the phone rang.  It was my husband telling me to turn on the TV…then my mom called….she was crying….something about needing to find out where my brother was.  I knew something was wrong.

Then I saw it.  The terrible sights and sounds….the realization of what was happening. Frantically trying to find out if my brother — an AA pilot — was flying that dayand where — trying to find out if my best friend — a flight attendant for AA — was in the air….one of those planes?  Was there more to come?

Thankfully my brother and my best friend were ok.  But so many were not…so many died at the hands of EVIL.  I remember that night sitting outside of my workplace, which was close to the airport, and not hearing a sound.  No planes flying…just an eerie silence.

Take a moment today to remember where you were on that day and say a prayer for the fallen as well as those who braved their lives to save others.

15 thoughts on “Where Were You?

  1. You had potential connections, too. I’m glad they weren’t actual connections! We had a distant family member who worked at the Pentagon. He was deaf, and while he wasn’t killed by the plane, he was traumatized by not knowing what was going on. That and other complications lead to his death a couple of years later.

    I was at work that day…


  2. changeforbetterme says:

    I was at work that day also. Which was unusual, because I usually worked the night shift and would have been home asleep. I was working at a casino in Wisconsin and we watched it on tv there. It was so terrible! The casino closed down for the day and sent everyone home. It’s also the day before my birthday, so that was one birthday I will never forget but it was so sad and awful.


  3. I was working for Barnes & Noble at the time and was getting ready for work when I heard something on the radio; I wasn’t really in the mood to go to work after that but I did and we ended up closing early. I was house sitting for a friend of mine so I rushed back to her place and stayed glued to the TV the rest of the day. It gave me such a horrible feeling, I had the chills.


  4. I was enjoying my maternity leave with my then seven-month-old son (yay for a full year of Canadian maternity leave!). I was home chilling out with him, when my husband called from work and told me to turn on the TV. I couldn’t believe what had happened and had to call him back to make sure it was indeed real (in hindsight, this must have been baby brain). Growing up in England, I remember being used to bomb threats temporarily disrupting train or tube services for an afternoon, but to have the entire western world be slowed to a standstill is something I will never forget. It was very difficult to be home with my son, and knowing my family was intact when such pain was being felt on the other side of the continent.


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