Women Behaving Badly

While I barely have any time to watch television,  have to admit I am a fan of the Real Housewives shows on Bravo and painfully watch each and every week, without fail. Call it a guilty pleasure but I do really enjoy watching them. Until this week.
Last night I watched my DVR’d Monday episode of the Real Housewives of New York. I’ve been watching this one for years, since the days of Bethenny. Yes, I am a Jill Zarin fan and miss her being on the show. I’m not crazy about the new girls and thought the first few episodes were pretty dull. I was wondering if it was going to pick up any. Well, I was definitely surprised and shocked over the last few. Put aside the petty fighting between looney Ramona and over-dramatic Aviva (which I actually enjoy watching Aviva tell Ramona off) and you get a totally NEW show: Old Girls Gone Wild in St. Barts.

So drunk, I’m surprised she could even form a sentence. (pic from bravotv.com)

I don’t care how they edited it, I was completely disgusted watching the antics of a drunk and halfway naked Ramona , LuAnn sneaking in the local Frenchman and lying about it later and Sonja talking about getting bruises from getting “humped” in the garden by same said Frenchman. Sonja isn’t even married…neither is Carole…why the hell are they even on the show? Isn’t it called Real HouseWIVES? WTF? Ok, so I was disgusted. But I still watched.



Ramona laughing after Aviva called her and Sonja “white trash” (pic from bravotv.com)

Will I watch next week? Yup. Now I have to see how they deal with everything that happened on vacation. But, I still am in shock over how these women acted. These are grown women with children who should be ashamed of themselves. Maybe they are covering up for their own insecurities and unhappiness. I think both Ramona and Sonja have issues that they feel the need to disguise by acting this way. That is why they get along so well. And to think – they are getting paid BIG BUCKS for this too. Go on vacation, drink until you can’t stand up, get naked, screw the locals and we’ll pay you a few hundred thousand….that’s what Bravo is saying.

I really miss the days of “The Cosby Show” and “Cheers”.  What is this world coming to?

If you watch the RHONY, what did you think? Will you keep watching?


25 thoughts on “Women Behaving Badly

  1. There is also that the producers of those shows encourage the “stars” to act as dramatic as possible to make it “interesting.” That’s why I tend to call them “Unreality shows.” Not a whole lot real about them! 🙄


      • It’s the “real” you get when producers say things like, “We’re probably going to drop you from the show, because you’re not interesting enough.”

        ‘Cause who’d watch shows about families or friends who mostly get along and do mostly normal things? That would be like, I donno,… The Cosby Show or Cheers or something… 😉


  2. It’s just another barometer of how our nation has lost it’s values, common sense and love of God. Satan runs the networks and the White House via his minions. Extreme statement I know but…


  3. ok, I admit: I’m a fan …( formerly of Jill Zarin and her overweighted “wawa”-doggy)… I’m disappointed about the season 5 too… “money can’t buy you class” isn’t it? but I’m still watching :o)


  4. Sounds horrible! Normally I’d say we all need a little touch of the devil in our lives! But there I’d agree with a previous point..they’re encouraged to play it up…but its still their choice…unfortunately..


  5. I love these shows too. Maybe “love” is not the right word, since they’re all more of a train wreck that I can’t turn away from. I think Sonya and Ramona make the show fun, but to behave that way on TV? Insane. Aviva actually got on my nerves. The white trash thing, though, was hilarious. The fact that they had to Google the term was even more of a hoot. I do like Carol though…she’s my new favorite.


  6. I don’t watch any of the “Real Housewives” shows. However, the thing which prevents me from being all superior and writing something like “Well, I certainly feel that my time is worth a little more than to be wasted watching such vacuous entertainment,” is that I have a serious weakness for Maury “You Are Not The Father” Povitch’s paternity episodes. We’re all of us broken…


  7. I’m SOOO addicted to the Bravo shows – especially NYC housewives. I agree with you about Aviva. I actually enjoy hearing her give it to Ramona. If you’re like me and have watched from season 1, then you know that Ramona has had it coming for a long time. It’s very satisfying to watch her face and see that she has no come back. These women lead such clueless lives. I’ve actually started liking Heather and Carole, too. Let’s see how long that lasts. (I miss Jill Zarin, too!)


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