Man’s Best Friend Indeed

At the place in which I work, I come in contact with people from all over the world.  I wanted to share something that someone told me yesterday.  It is a stark reminder of how different the living conditions in other countries are from our own and also it is a heart warming story of a dog protecting her owners.

The gentleman and his family live in Venezuela.  He was telling me how in Venezuela, the government allows the “bad guys” to carry guns and terrorize the “good guys” (like he and his family) who cannot have anything to protect themselves with.  He said that kidnappings are very common where he comes from and proceeded to tell me what happened when one of the “bad guys” attempted to kidnap his 15 year old daughter.

His ex-wife had come to pick up their daughter and son for the weekend.  They were outside his home and the kids were getting in the car.  The son had forgotten something inside the house and left the car door open as he went back inside. Out of nowhere the father saw a man brandishing a gun run across the driveway and pull his daughter out of the car.  He was holding her at gunpoint when their 10 year old Golden Retriever ran out of the front door and lunged at the gunman.  He must’ve gotten scared because he let go of the girl and ran off.

Why I find this amazing is that Golden’s are not naturally the protective type – you would assume that instead of attacking the bad guy, that they would be more likely to lick them to death.  Not this girl…she sensed that her owners were in danger and saved their lives.  He told me that she had never shown to have an aggressive bone in her body her whole 10 years.  He looked at me and said “yep, I love her”.

Then in the next breath he said “But I went out and got a Rottweiler too…she’s in training…just in case.”

20 thoughts on “Man’s Best Friend Indeed

  1. Dogs are awesome. Because of our tiny, tiny home (it’s lovely, though) and our three young children, we can’t have a dog right now. However, I’m a big fan of the creatures. You mention that a GR isn’t normally a very protective dog, but I think that when their owners are threatened, many dogs rise to the challenge. As a kid I had an English springer spaniel. He was a wonderful dog, but not very tough. However, when he thought I was threatened he could be almost ludicrously brave. He was a really good dog.

    Also, I heard this story from a friend, and can’t 100% vouch for its accuracy, but I believe it to be true. It concerns how ideally canines are suited as companions for humans:

    Apparently a bunch of researchers were studying chimps or some other primate. They were trying to get the apes to look at an object at which the researchers were pointing. But every time they would point at the object, the critters would look instead at the pointing finger. The researchers had no success in getting the apes to look.

    Finally, in frustration, one of the researchers said, “My DOG can do this, why can’t they?” They studied it, and sure enough, your dog CAN do that, but “smarter” primates CAN’T.


    • That is really interesting! Dog’s are a lot smarter than most people think. Mine have learned…collectively…how to work together to lift up the small doggy door (from previous tennants) in our back door until it falls over and opens….so they can go through and get back in the house!


  2. Le Clown says:

    Just thought I would drop by to see if anything new had been written, but no. Man’s best friend… And here I thought it was Dexter.
    Le Clown


    • it’s been a rough couple of weeks….I’ve just had no time to even think, never mind post. I could say more but since this could be seen by some people….I can’t say too much. Anyway, I do plan on taking on the weekly writing challenge hopefully today or tomorrow. And….sometime today my Muppet Monday will be up. Don’t worry…I’ll find my mojo somewhere in the mess of my life…I also have some awards to give thanks for….I’m so behind!!


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