Weekly Photo Challenge – Everyday Life

I saw this challenge and it seemed interesting. My every day suburbia really isn’t that captivating but something did instantly pop into my head when I was reading about the challenge.  Something that sets this featured city apart from all others…..New York City:


Wait….is that the Naked Cowboy?  You bet your spurs it is!  I love this depiction of NYC….a man in cowboy boots and not much else, playing a guitar in the middle of a busy Times Square intersection.  You can tell the native New Yorkers from the tourists….they don’t even think twice, this is “normal” to them. I caught this shot from inside a cab as we passed by.   I love it!

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Everyday Life

  1. We had similar “street artists” in Los Angeles, particularly in Hollyweird. And you’re right, you can tell the tourists from the natives. The natives are all, “Oh, him again. Must be 10:00…”


  2. Gotta love NYC! Anything goes there and yeah, that’s the norm! My husband worked there for a couple years and everyday came home with a story. That cowboy looks to me like he’s wearing a diaper!


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