Need Some WordPress Advice

This isn’t a standard post but more of a question I’m throwing out there to those of you who have been doing this WP blogging thing for a while.  I’ve thought about changing to a self-hosted blog on WP.  There seems to be a lot more that you can do with a self hosted blog. 

What is your feedback about this?  Do you think it is a wise choice?  What are the pros and cons?  Does it require a ton of time and maintenance?

Whatever insight you might have is appreciated.  I just ordered me a nifty new laptop last night and it should be arriving in a few weeks.  No more fighting with my daughter over the computer and no more worrying if I can’t get a blog post up during work hours.  I can sit my ass on the couch and blog away at my leisure! 

Thanks in advance!!


20 thoughts on “Need Some WordPress Advice

  1. Great! I switched to using a laptop as my only machine 2 years ago and love it. Soooo portable!

    I think you’ll find having your own self hosted site takes a little more skill to use but once it’s transferred over to the new www and you are accustomed to it’s operation, you’ll find it’s not much more difficult. As you said, there are tons of plugins that greatly expand your options. Go for it!


  2. I recently switched and just played around with some font changes–real basic stuff. I’m afraid to try anything too fancy. I changed because I wanted my own domain name for when my book comes out–my blog address is easier to remember because it is more simple.

    I’m sure I’ll discover other advantages as time goes on and I get braver. 😉

    Good luck with the new gear!


  3. Oh dear – doesn’t look like you’re getting the advise you need. We are all doing the same thing here. All interested to find out what you find out. Also haven’t tried it but have worked on someone else’s site that is self-hosted. It can be a bit more complicated at the beginning but you’d get the hang of it fast enough. I seem to remember reading someone else’s blog where they were complaining that some features were not available on the self hosted blog but, for the life of me, I cannot remember which one now. Sorry – no help at all but very interested to hear how you go.


  4. And yet another person who has no answer for you but is curious to read about those who’ve made the switch. I’ll probably stay with Just don’t think I have the savvy and know-how to make the change. Or the time.


  5. changeforbetterme says:

    well looks like you haven’t gotten many answers, darn it, I think I will ask the same question on my blog and see what happens. The worse it can do is no answers, the best get some responses from some who switched. We will see what happens.


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