I Won Da Big One

“I won! I won da money! (slumps over for a second) I won da money!”
~Sid Caesar, Vegas Vacation

I was making my way through Treasure Island casino in Las Vegas and spotted the new bank of “Grease” video slot machines.  It was like a shining beam of light through the clouds…I swear I heard angels singing.  All of the seat were taken however I spotted the machine I wanted.  It was like it was calling my name.

New “Grease” Machines at Treasure Island Las Vegas Casino

This lady was playing it feverishly for a very long time but I just sat and waited my turn.  Another woman approached me from behind and I could feel her breathing on my neck.  I inched forward in an attempt to remove her from my personal space.  She wouldn’t move and just continued to stand there.  I was not going to let her take my turn on this machine!

As the credits wound down for the lady who was playing, I began to get more excited about my chance to play…wondering what the outcome would be.  As soon as she made the motions of getting up to leave, the lady behind me pushed by me…almost knocking me over.  I yelled…. “Oh hell no!  I have been waiting here for over an hour and I was here first!”  She fought me….she pushed my hands away as I attempted to insert my money in the slot.  She was a much larger woman than I and I didn’t have much of a chance.

A slot floor attendant witnessed our scuff and quickly came over with security guards to break it up.  The resolution went in my favor, as this psycho lady was hauled away and I was allowed to take control of the machine.  With a big sigh and a satisfied smile, I put my money in, said a prayer,  hit “max bet” and SPIN.

Three spins in I hit the bonus round.  This bonus round was based upon the Grease movie song “Grease Lightning” sung in the auto shop.  I was picking tools on the screen and watching my credits add up.  All of a sudden I was down to the last choice and the screen cleared.  Suddenly lights began to flash and up on the screen appeared the words “BIG WIN!”.  Credits started to ring up and continued for quite some time.  A crowd gathered behind me…what did I win??  It looked like $400…..wait, no….it’s $14,000!!  I couldn’t breathe and then………

BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZ  my alarm clock went off.  Dammit!! oh well, it was a nice dream while it lasted.  At least I know how good it feels to win that much money, even if it was just a dream.  I am off to Vegas in a little over two weeks and you can bet I will be taking my chances with this machine.  Even if I have to fight someone to get to it!

22 thoughts on “I Won Da Big One

    • I wish it were real — I had another one once that I won $23k on a Munsters (like the TV show) video slot at Monte Carlo and the machine was numbered “23”. I was certain it was an omen because of how vivid and detailed it was. so hubby and I go to Monte Carlo, I scope out a Munsters machine and look for one with 23 somewhere on it. FIND IT — played it….lost my Ass.


    • 🙂 Exactly Diane What is funny tho is that I’ve NEVER played this machine before. It is new since the last I’ve been there. My husband did play it in Vegas last month but didn’t tell me too much about it. I asked him if there even is such a bonus round on the game and he said YES!! Crazy right?


  1. If the dreams comes true (I hope it does) you’ll jumo first to the self hosted domain and tell me your experience, hell, if the dream comes true you’ll have a secretary, she’ll write for you, that’s nice.


    • Yeah, I could roll with that… good idea. The infamous “Lions Share” slot jackpot at the MGM Grand is up to $2.7 mil….whoever wins this almost 20 year old progressive gets to bring home the machine….I’ve already made a spot for it!


  2. “And then I woke up!” Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!!

    Just think how freaked out you’re going to be if you find that machine, and big lady does breath down your neck and you do win 14,000 dollars! Good thing you told us about the dream now. We’d never believe you later!! 🙂


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