So What, I’m a Walmart Shopper

I had to take my son to buy some jeans last night and since I needed a few other things as well (a lightbulb, toilet paper holder etc..) what better place to go than to Walmart — one stop shop.  I’m not ashamed to say it — yes, I shop at Walmart.  I shop there for bird food, rabbit food, rabbit litter, the occasional Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and ….clothes.

Does it really matter that I buy clothes at Walmart?  All jokes aside, Walmart clothes aren’t really that bad.  I still own and wear a pair of black dress slacks that I bought there back in 2005.  They haven’t fallen apart yet.  Beware the cotton shirts tho — one wash and they turn into magical shrinky dinks (remember those?).  My son found a nicely fitting pair of jeans for $15.00.  Sorry but this mom is on a budget and I just can’t afford to spend $80 on a pair of Abercrombies!  I promise, my son looks just as handsome in these.  I did try on a pair of women’s jeans however (on sale for $9) ….size 8 my ass….maybe on another planet but not here on earth.  Those were a no-go.

Best part about Walmart?  I go there in my sweat pants, hair up, no makeup and flip flops — I don’t get any strange looks…its as if that’s almost expected….for some reason, it feels like home.

not me, but I think I saw her last night

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36 thoughts on “So What, I’m a Walmart Shopper

  1. ryoko861Irene says:

    I shop at Wallyworld. I’ve gotten some really pretty tops there and jeans when I was in a pinch. I got my Angry Birds t shirt there also! Nothing wrong with it. I also shop at Target and Kohl’s. But Wallyworld supplies the most entertainment!


  2. changeforbetterme says:

    I also shop at walmart. Yes, I do! My wallyworld is in a smaller town so we see the same characters whether they be in walmart or safeway. 🙂


  3. I shop there too, I even bought a shirt once! Nothing wrong with that, especially for kids. I’m sorry but do they really need brand name things? Nope lol. And wow, that picture, how…interesting?! Crazy people. 😉


  4. I was going to say how nice was to have a 24/7 Walmart just around the corner back home, but then going back down memory lane I realized it was not a Walmart but a Walgreens. There are no Walmart in The City. I’m sad now, I don’t have a Walmart story to share.


  5. I have the hate for the Walmart, however on occasion I will go in there to buy toilet paper, squirrel food and the odd cleaning supplies and am always scared by the shoppers. It doesn’t matter what time I go I always manage to find not only a crazy shopper but an equally crazy employee!


  6. When we’re looking for several kinds of things…it’s off to Walmart we go too. And sometimes we find some not to bad deals on items. Let’s face it they’re a store that tries to please (for the most part) Sometimes the service is hard to find…Diane


    • Down the street from me they just opened one of those neighborhood market Walmarts. It’s good that it is there for when I run out of rabbit food and need a small bag. Keeps me from having to drive 15 minutes to the Super Walmart. The service there has been better than the Super W


    • Thankfully I don’t see too many crazies at ours — it’s in a pretty high-class area (not that high class people can’t be crazy…) but it’s less than some other places!


  7. I’ve seen some real scary people at the local Wal Mart. We stopped going there because they management got worse and worse about putting stuff, any kind of stuff, in the aisles making it so hard to move around. It was literally a one-way street. You had to stop to allow others through the tiny isles either side of the… Stuff. We went back to Meijer. Much better!


      • Oh, that’s right. The company headquarters is in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They have stores in Ohio too, not sure about other states nearby. The entire operation is very much like Wal Mart, food on one end, all manner of goods elsewhere in the store, anything from A to Z and a pharmacy too. But the atmosphere is entirely different. Not so GAAAHHH!! More Ahhh. 🙂 I think the web address is


  8. WalMart is great for picking up $5.99 DVDs of movies you’d never pay more than, well, $5.99 for. Ours seems very nice. Wide aisles and no crazies; maybe it’s because I tend to drop in early on Sunday morning after grocery shopping. I know we’re supposed to hate them because they edge out small local businesses, but I kind of like how their ads often feature handicapped people and old people and not-fashion-model people.

    Besides, I’m practicing for an after-retirement job as a WalMart greeter! 🙂


    • heh heh that reminds me of the comedy segment by Jeff Dunham where he is “talking” to his puppet Walter….Walter says something about retiring and being a Walmart greeter “Hi welcome to Walmart, get your shit and get out!” haha


  9. Love the post! I mostly shop budget too, makes me feel awesome when I can score something that great good for a small price haha!
    And I don’t feel embarassed at all, took some getting used to in the beginning, however pride keeps you from scouting (and doing) great things right? 🙂


  10. I don’t buy clothes at Wal-Mart, though I can see why that would probably be a good option for children’s clothes. I find that Target clothes are often comparable in price and of better quality. However, I do most of my shopping at Wal-Mart and sometimes find myself running there more than once a week. I’m from the South, so it’s natural. Plus, like you said, I can go there dressed almost as I please and fit right in. I’m normally very conscious about how I look in public, but if I’m wearing junky and ratty clothes, I don’t have to worry too much about that at Wal-Mart, lol.


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