Bloggers for Movember Challenge

Today I am joining forces with Le Clown from A Clown on Fire by participating in his Bloggers for Movember challenge.  The challenge unites Bloggers across several different platforms as a fundraising mission for and to raise awareness of prostate cancer as well as men’s mental health issues.  As much as I would totally grow a mustache to show my support in this noble cause – I don’t think that it is physically possible (or that my husband would like it so much) so I wanted to share with you a few thoughts and ask that you please visit Le Clown’s page and read more about his mission.

My Dad was diagnosed with the early stages of prostate cancer a few years ago.  He went through radiation treatments and over the course of 6-8 long, uncomfortable months – the docs were able to obliterate the cancerous cells.  My dad has gotten through some crazy stuff and this was one more notch on the victory bedpost.  However, some are not so lucky.  I thank God they were able to catch it early and treat it right away.

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day about how evil cancer really is.  All the books say: live a healthy life….don’t drink, don’t smoke, stay out of the sun, eat clean, exercise, avoid toxins etc….and you can live forever.  No, I don’t believe that.  Cancer has no specific targets.  It can affect anyone at any time.  There have been people who smoked for 60+ years and lived a long, cancer free life and then there are those who never smoked a day, ran 10 miles 5x a week, ate healthy foods and have passed from cancer.   It is not selective or discriminatory….it has no biases.  I think the best and maybe the only attempt at prevention is to have regular checkups and hope that if (God forbid) cancer should come knocking on our doors….that it is caught early enough to be treated.

It is almost unfathomable that in this day and age of extremely complex and advanced technology – we have yet to find a cure.  We can raise awareness and support cancer research programs by not letting the cause be forgotten or put in the background.  Continue to raise our voices and let others know how important this is.  Keep in our hearts and prayers those who have passed before us from this evil sickness so that their fights were not in vain.

Thank you Le Clown for allowing me to be a part of your cause. Blessings to you!

16 thoughts on “Bloggers for Movember Challenge

  1. Hopefully, with your and all the other voices raised, enough funds will be donated to allow the research necessary to finally understand and defeat all forms of cancer.
    Way to go, Dockfam!


  2. changeforbetterme says:

    Good post. I joined Le Clown yesterday and all ready have the “Bloggers for Movember” button on both my blogs. I will soon write a post on how cancer has affected my life and my families and ask for other people to join. It is certainly a cause worth fighting.


  3. Prostate cancer was one cancer that touched one of my brother’s…but cancer in various forms has taken 5 of my siblings…It truly does not discriminate…Some day with God’s help a cure will be found….Diane


  4. This is a wonderful cause. Fighting for causes such as this is really a full time job and then some. My dad also had prostate cancer. He had the surgery and had to undergo the radiation treatments too. Not a fun time.


  5. Le Clown says:

    Jenn and to everyone on this comment thread,
    I couldn’t thank you all enough for your support, and involvement. I have a feeling that 2012 will be a great year for Movember, and as Guapo said, help better “understand and defeat all forms of cancer”.
    Le Clown


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