Damn You Dexter

I wasn’t going to blog today but my cousin wrote something on her Facebook wall that I thought was hilarious and I had to share.  We are both fans of Showtime’s series “Dexter” — as I have mentioned before.  I am not just a fan, I am borderline obsessed and after next season…when the contract is up and Dexter (supposedly) goes off the air forever, I will be in a deep depression for what I am sure will be weeks, if not months.  So don’t look for me.

Anyway, we both watched this Sunday’s episode and this is what I posted on my cousin’s wall yesterday:

‘How are you liking Dexter so far?  I am loving
the tension between them — it is the first, real, honest emotion
exchange between the 2 of them since the season started….and I loved
how he squirmed in his seat when Deb said she felt glad Speltzer was
gone!  it’s getting good!!”

This is what my she had to say about it in response:

“Dexter:…Damn, it looks like my cousin
Jennifer may be a secret writer for the show.  At the end of last season
she was convinced that Deb would come to see things in a new light,
would come to understand Dexter, and become a part of his world.  I was
convinced Dexter was going to have to kill his sister Deb (because she
witnessed him kill some one.)  Just goes to show you how two people,
from the same family, can see things so differently.  Jennifer sees the
world through butterflies, fairies, and rainbows AND I would rather kill
you than deal with your bullshit”

I’m not sure that it’s a point of seeing the world through butterfiles, fairies and rainbows…I just think Michael C Hall is a hottie and I love looking at his face for an hour each week as I have for the past 6 seasons.  I want the producers to keep Dexter safe for as long as possible (and preferably more scenes without his shirt on…).  He’s a good bad guy just takin out the trash!

Are you a fan?  Would you like to see Dex “get away with murder” or be caught in the end?

“Oh Shit”

20 thoughts on “Damn You Dexter

  1. I LOVE Dexter – an am completely OVERTHELINE obsessed…I have not gotten to see anything from this season yet b/c I don’t have cable (and then when I buy this season – I can watch the ENTIRE SERIES ALL OVER AGAIN (as I’ve done for every single season prior to the new one being released on DVD) …so are you saying this is the last season (which I think it probably should be – I don’t want wonderful Dexter to Jump the Shark) or one more season?

    He is a hottie – I can’t decide which season is my favorite … definitely a toss up betwn seasons 1-6. When I first saw it on DVD – I couldn’t get enough – I couldn’t stop watching or talking about it… I was so edgy watching the first season that I could absolutely NOT eat during any episode and it’s the first and only series in which I have never fallen asleep watching (and I sleep thru most everything)… I CANNOT GET ENOUGH DEXTER.

    I don’t have a badge, I have a lamanet…

    I want Dexter to live on or die rather than go to jail.


    • Meeeeee toooooo. I am loving the interactions between Dex and Deb….8 years in the making and just now they are getting REAL. He told her he loves her….gave me goosebumps!!


  2. I know a lot of people who are Dexter obsessed. I watched the first episode and was grossed out. Plus the idea of a serial killer as the champion just doesn’t sit well with me. My mom is a Dexter fan. She apparently loves a killer as long as he’s killing a really bad guy.

    The lines are getting a little blurry for me on this one! 😉


    • I have to say, the guy who wrote the books (can’t remember his name but I’ve read 3 of them) is a genius…the person at showtime who decided to make it into a series starring Michael C Hall …even more of a genius. I think we are in love with the show just because it is that — a show. We love to see bad guys “getting theirs”. I seriously doubt anyone could go this long in real life without getting caught. I am a Christian however it’s just human nature to be “ok” with people such as child molesters and murders being silenced forever with no chance of doing their evil deeds again. Not a very Christian thing to think I know, but I for one can’t help it.


  3. I stopped watching after season 3, not because I got bored of it, but because I had them all on my external hardrive which subsequently broke and I’ve been too lazy to redownload them. I’m waiting until I actually manage to get out of debt so I can purchase them on DVD and start from the beginning. Hopefully by then I’ll forget that you just told me his sister finds out about his killing tendencies.


    • Yikes…yes, please forget I said that. what do I know? I made that up!!!

      Save yourself some pain and skip season 5…it’s a snoozefest. 4 and 6 are definites tho…you must watch.


  4. I’m afraid I’m like Lorna on this one. I watched the first season, and it was just too dark for me. (I also stopped watching Criminal Minds for the same reason.) A “murder mystery” type show does need at least one dead body, but when the body count mounts, I have a hard time calling it entertainment. (But, for someone with a fairly hard shell, I admit to having a surprisingly soft center.)

    I have some major concerns about what the reality the media presents, and while I don’t think a show like Dexter is an issue, it seems part of the whole level of over-amped media today. The kind of cartoonish violence (Schwartzenegger movies, for example) is one thing, but shows like these (and CSI, which has begun to bother me a little lately) aim for realism, so you can’t help but believe in the reality the show presents, It just somehow puts it outside my (and I stress this is personal and need not apply to others) comfort zone.

    But then, I had a hard time watching Lassie as a kid (feared for the dog’s safety), and I was even bothered by the final battle in the Lord of the Rings movies (and those are just CGI people!). I guess I’m turning to a big softy in my old age! Kinda funny for someone who was very much of the, “Kill them all and let God sort it out!” persuasion when younger. 😕


    • that’s really interesting. I have always loved these types of shows and movies…crime drama…even books like that are the ones I like the most. I love CSI….I love Dexter,.. I love the movies of Tim Burton like Sweeney Todd and the Raven (which are way gory)….and I’m not bothered in the least by the blood and guts on these types of shows/movies. but, I HATE slasher flicks and cannot watch them without having nightmares….The Strangers ruined my sleep for a week. I love anything that has to do with the paranormal….when it’s realistic. I loves American Horror Story last year but I’m hating it this year…it’s just gotten stupid.
      However, I will bawl like a baby if an animal gets hurt or killed (still can’t get over the horse dying in Dances With Wolves) …hell I can’t even watch some episodes of Anthony Bourdain or Andrew Zimmerman on the Travel Channel….I even turned off an episode of “chopped” yesterday because they were making something with pig snouts!
      I’m just weird like this I guess. I do agree tho that violence and death has become the “norm” nowadays unfortunately. I think that has a lot to do with the increase in violent crimes that we see on the news. If a mentally and emotionally unstable person were to enjoy the types of entertainment that I do — well, it wouldn’t take much for disaster to strike.


      • Oh, me too! I’ve been fan of murder mysteries and detective stories since forever! Those, however, focus on the “good guys” (who admittedly aren’t always entirely good). And generally speaking, such stories feature a single (necessary) dead body to seed the plot. Some (Agatha Christie’s Ten Little Indians springs to mind) do feature more, but those cases are the exception rather than the rule.

        (I saw a really great “hard boiled detective” movie recently that did just that. Antonio Banderas in The Big Bang. A classic noir private eye movie mixed with quantum theory (and a dash of another movie that would give away the ending if I even told you the title). It was lots of fun, especially if you know a bit about quantum physics!)

        But a show like Criminal Minds is all about serial murderers, and it’s hard for me when watching to forget the real harm such (fortunately rare) people can cause. If I suspend my disbelief and believe in the story, I also find myself imaging the feelings of those who loved the murdered ones. And such shows are done on a highly realistic level that combines real imagery with music, sound effects, editing and camera angles that pour the information into your head. Books usually don’t nearly the same impact.

        And I noticed that the last couple weeks worth of the CSI shows featured teens or children as the terror or murder targets. It would seem those shows are having to up the ante. Usually children are immune in our stories. There’s a canonical rule about movies that (usually) the kids (and dogs) survive. That rule is being discarded as we seek ever increasing ways of getting our stories to affect us. We’ve become so utterly numb, as with any addiction, we need larger and larger hits to get the same effect.

        Me, I’ve had enough. I’ve become too aware of the pain, horror and misery in the world to take much entertainment value from it. I’m tired of shock. As I age I begin to fully appreciate where film critic Roger Ebert has been for years: he’s tired of it, too, and has come to prefer the smaller, interesting dramas and clever comedies. The ones that make you think or that take you somewhere new and interesting.

        It isn’t the blood and guts. I’m not in the least squeamish. (Hell, I enjoy watching closely as a nurse extracts sevral vials of my blood!) It’s what the story is saying, what it means. I’m not big on slasher flicks, just because they bore me. Clever ones can be fun (Scream or the Scare Movies series). Same with most monster movies: they just bore me.

        But ghost stories…. now we’re talking! The Ring or The Grudge (the Japanese original, Ju-on, may be the most hair-raising I’ve seen) or even What Lies Beneath. But these are fantasies. There are no ghosts, and the only monsters are the human ones. And those bother me.

        I think with animals our hearts go out to the “poor dumb animal” that can’t understand the context of its terror. It just suffers, and we suffer with it.

        My bottom line, two things: For those with a diet that covers the range of storytelling, I’m sure a show like Dexter is just fun and entertaining. A kind of vicarious wish-fulfillment. A weird way of seeing evil people get the full measure of karma. (Imagine the show if Dexter went after normal people, not other serial killers!) It’s those whose only diet consists of such meat that concern me.

        And then, just for me personally, not trying to impose this view on anyone, I just have lost interest in killing people (even imaginary computer-generated ones) for the sake of my own entertainment. That’s a seed that seems to have been growing a while… back when I played a lot of computer games, the only “shoot’m up” I really like was one (Descent) where you were shooting mining robots that had been infected with a nasty alien computer virus that made them killers. That was just flying around blowing up machines!

        (Funny thing about taking a blogging hiatus…. my comments have gotten way longer!)


      • Haha no worries, I love your comments. They are definitely food for thought. I wish I could take a work hiatus, that way i could focus more on my blog and leaving comments for others!


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