“Arguments are a mark of our liberty”

I’m such a bad blogger…..I missed Muppet Monday and haven’t posted since the weekend.  It has definitely been a crazy week and doesn’t look like it’s going to let up any time soon!  Between my son’s playoff football game and the election last night, my nerves are shot. They won the game by the way….

I’m not a very politically charged person.  I prefer not to discuss politics with friends and/or family however I still have my opinions and my preference for who I want leading my country.  I won’t state here which side I am on because it is irrelevant.  I simply wanted to comment on the statement made by Obama last night during his victory speech.  He said “Arguments are a mark of our liberty”.

After months and weeks of reading hundreds of heated tweets, Facebook posts, news articles etc by members of both parties….I believe that statement couldn’t be more true.  Regardless of your political stance — be grateful that you have the freedom to make these arguments!  Be grateful that our ancestors before us suffered and died so that we may have this right….be grateful that you are allowed to make your voice heard.

Now, at this time more than ever before, everyone needs to come together and unite within this country — whether or not you agree with the election results — we still have a President and will have him for the next 4 years.  If you are an American citizen, it goes without saying that you should support your President no matter who he is because he’s the only hope we have.

So the most “opinionated” statement I’m going to make here is a plea for everyone in this country to put their biases, preconceived notions, snide comments and personal pride on the sidelines and simply remember what election day is really all about — our freedom.


12 thoughts on ““Arguments are a mark of our liberty”

  1. The freedom to trash people is priceless, as long as you say allegedly we all safe.
    Seriously, I agree with 100%, whether you agree or not with how the elections turned out you gotta suck it up and move forward.


  2. I somehow missed this the first time around. I think that people generally do rally around the winning president after an election. The people who didn’t vote for him aren’t converts, per se, but there’s a little bit of a honeymoon. You’ll always find people who are exceptions. I think the 2000 election was also an exception, given the circumstances.

    I just don’t care for the “He’s Not My President” mentality that began with Bush and has continued into the Obama Presidency.


    • I still have FB “friends” who continue to jab and bad talk on their pages almost every day. It’s like they just WANT to argue with someone so they’re trying the bait and switch trick. Some people just have way too much free time on their hands!


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