What’s Up?

I don’t know about you but it’s been a little hectic in my life recently!  Since i haven’t posted lately I thought I would take a minute to share with you what’s up with the Dockfam nowadays.

Over the weekend we took a road trip with my parents to visit my niece who attends the University of Arkansas.  It was a quick 5 hour-there-and-back-the-next-day trip but it was nice nonetheless. On the drive home, it was pouring rain and you could barely see the road.  We passed a horrible accident in which the car had flipped.  I happened to see the driver hanging upside down through the window, basically lifeless.  I am hoping the person was just unconscious but it’s a scene that I’ll never forget.  I hope they were able to get to the hospital on time.

We had the coldest night so far here in the DFW area as it was around 28 degrees last night.  And wouldn’t you know it — our heater/thermostat broke yesterday afternoon.  Yup, that’s our life!  Thank goodness we rent our house and the landlord has someone over at the house at this very moment checking into it.  I’m very thankful, otherwise my 3 birds could get pretty sick with another cold night.  I just kept thinking about all the people on the east coast who are still without power and heat.  The thought of them made my problem seem not so big and at least I had a cozy blanket to wrap up in to keep warm.

Onto some happy things….my daughter turned 12 today….12 going on 20!  I can already tell these years aren’t going to be easy and I think I might have to up my hair-coloring schedule from every 4 weeks to every 2 weeks because I can feel the gray hairs duplicating rapidly as we speak!

My son’s 8th grade football team made it to the district championship with an 8-2 season record.  The game is this evening against the team they lost to in game #1.  Not to mention, the opposing team has a few very bully-ish players so I hope we can get through it incident free — with a win!  Either way, the boys should be very proud of all they have done this season.  I can’t believe it’s his last middle school game EVER and it will be onto high school in less than a year! 

I don’t really have any pictures for this post but I leave you with this video that I think would totally make anyone’s day.  I saw one of these goats on Animal Planet the other day and realized they really are the cutest animals alive.  If I had a farm, I would definitely have one…or maybe a couple.  I love goats….dancing baby pigmy goats?  Even better!




13 thoughts on “What’s Up?

    • Got it working finally but the tech found that the wires around the control panel had burned up — he said he has no idea how we didn’t have a bad fire! right now we have it connected to another outlet so that the electrician can come today and fix the faulty wiring.


  1. Happy Birthday to your daughter. Here’s hoping the next few years go more smoothly than you think. And congrats to your son. Sorry about the hectic week but hopefully things improve. And OMG, those baby goats are so insanely ADORABLE!!!


  2. Happy B.D. to your daughter. I have 2 girls and I can honestly say…THANK YOU GOD for helping me to cope during their teenage years…LOL. They are both grown and well developed, and one with a masters degree.
    I hope you and your daughter will have an easy few years ahead of you with lots of fun to-boot.
    Oooooh, those goats are so adorable!


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