The Day I Saw an Angel

I’m not sure what inspired me to share this story with you today but maybe a few of you will find it interesting.  Maybe a few won’t believe but that is for you to decide.

Let me give you a bit of background first.  When I was going into 8th grade, my parents thought it would be a good idea to transfer to Tampa, FL.  We spent the summer there living near the beach and I went to school there through December.  In early January, they had decided that living in FL was not working out… so we moved back to Texas.  While in FL, we made very close friends with our older next door neighbors.  I had never had a grandmother close by while growing up so the wife, who we will call “L”, became like an adopted grandmother to me and her husband, who we will call “F”, like a grandfather.  Even though we spent very little time living next to them, we all ended up loving them and keeping in touch to this day.

We moved back to Texas in Jan of 1991 but every summer would go for a short trip back to FL to visit L and F.  Between 1991 and 1994, F had suffered a stroke that affected one side of his body.  It also came to light during that time that he had cancer.  In the summer of 1994, we payed L and F our annual visit and brought my best friend along.  L, my mother and my BF decided to go take a walk on the beach.  I for some reason did not want to go.  I think I was tired or just dealing with stuff that teenage girls deal with.  Anyway, I decided to spend time with F in the living room and sit with him while he watched TV.

L and F had a sun room in the back of their house, as most Floridians do.  From the couch where I sat in the living room, I could see directly into the backyard.  As F watched TV, I happened to glance up and saw…in the backyard….a woman.  A beautiful woman wearing a white gown with blazing red hair.  She appeared to be glowing, and I could not see her feet.  Her gown was flowing, as if there was heavy wind….however there was no wind outside that day.  She was not looking at me and once I blinked, she was gone.  Being a bit freaked out, I said nothing to F and left the room.  I went into the bedroom, where I sat and contemplated what I had just seen.  I thought I was going crazy and didn’t say anything to anyone about it.

A few months later, sadly F lost his battle with cancer passed on.  When my mother told me, I realized instantly what I had seen.  She was F’s angel.  She had been there watching over him until the time came to accompany him to heaven.  Then I was able to tell my story without anyone thinking I was nuts…as it all made sense.  We still speak with L often and she remains one of the family’s dearest friends.  I know that she has her own angel watching over her as we all do.


Have you ever had an angel experience?  What was it like?

17 thoughts on “The Day I Saw an Angel

  1. That is a beautiful story.

    I used to believe in ghosts and angels…the other side. After I lost my father, I waited and prayed and wished that he would come to me, see me, make a sound, move an object….anything to let me know that he was around. He didn’t. Maybe I was to filled with grief to see or hear anything. I have since lost my faith that there is something after death and that saddens me deeply. But continue to hope that one day my faith will be restored.

    Thank you for sharing that story with us. 🙂


    • Hang in there…sometimes it will come upon you while you aren’t even thinking about it. He’s there, I just know it…even though you may not see nor hear him. I hope too that you will feel better soon. As far as the soul of a loved one, I like to think of them as spirits instead of ghosts…to me, ghosts are those who cannot find their way to the light and are lost. I don’t think that is where you father is. Keep trying…faith will return 🙂


  2. I haven’t had a visit or seen an angel but shortly after my mother died I had a ‘vision’ …it wasn’t a dream. My mother dressed in a black skirt and sweater with white blouse …which is what she had to wear when she went to her second job…Well she was leaning over me in bed and just like she would when she was alive and leaving in the morning for her ‘day’ job…she kissed me and said ‘bye’ …I’m going now…and then she was gone…Diane


  3. What a beautiful and very personal story. The Bible is very clear about angels and their existence. This is not related at all – but I lost my Dad last year. I miss him SO much and today was his birthday. Funny that I would read your blog for the first time ever and see this story. Thank you for sharing.


  4. Chancy and Mumsy (Mag) says:

    I believe you. I have not seen an angel but have seen things happen that I felt was an angel protecting me and one time kept one of our foster babies from injury or possible death.


  5. When I was about 4 or 5 I was at a beach in Rhode Island and running around, having fun. My dad lost site of me and I somehow ended up in the ocean getting swept under. I remember vaguely I was being sucked under the under tow just like my parents told me would happen. I lost consciousness and awoke on the beach. I was laying down and staring up into a woman’s smiling face. I felt that she had rescued me from drowning. When I looked past her, I saw my dad running towards me.

    That’s all I remember about that day. I asked my dad if he remembers the time when I almost drowned at the beach and he said he remembered. I asked him if he remembered seeing the woman who rescued me, and he said he didnt see any woman, it was only me laying on the sand by myself.

    I believe I saw an angel. One of my friends was also saved by an angel during a car crash. He felt he was being picked up by someone and being placed safely outside his vehicle that was smashed to bits and on fire. The rescue team found it to be a miracle he was alive and relatively unharmed laying several feet away from the crash site.

    I’m a big believer in all that 🙂


    • Great stories!! Gave me chills. Those definitely were angels….I believe we are all born with our guardian angel… some people think they have an “inner voice” or that things are “coincidence” — no, none of that…that is our angel intervening. I was also once “pulled” out of the way of a speeding car and surely would’ve been hit/killed…it wasn’t my time…nor yours or your friend’s!


  6. There are so many stories just like that. I watched documentaries on netflix that made me cry. If none of that happened to me, I would be discounting everyone’s “religious” experiences. But having it happen first hand, I see those stories all connect and have similarities. Its crazy stuff. I’m glad I experienced it. We are lucky witnesses.

    Never stop believing 🙂


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