This Easter

Last year on the Thursday before Easter, my dad fell from a tree about 50 feet up and broke his neck.  He spent Easter and the weeks after recovering from extensive surgery.  The neurosurgeon said he’d never seen anything like it — the broken bones at the base of his skull just missed severing his spinal cord by less than a millimeter.  Add that to the fact that my mom drove him to the hospital that night with one hand basically holding his head up over his shoulders….my dad to this day is a walking miracle.  That one experience taught me a lot about what it means to be grateful and not take life for granted.  In one second, it can be gone.


So this Easter will be better by far.  And while it’s supposed to rain, I’ll spend my morning with Him:


Then afterwards, I’ll be eating some of these:

I'm vegetarian remember?

I’m vegetarian remember?

And play a little bit of music from:

mumfOn my new:

Taylor....yeeeah buddy!

Taylor….yeeeah buddy!

Drinking a little bit of:

Best beer evah

Best beer evah

While my dog:


Well I really don’t know what Koda will be doing but this was just too cute of a picture not to put in a blog post….so there you go.

The only thing bad about Easter Sunday is that the next day is Monday and I have a long work week ahead of me!  Right now, I’ll just try to enjoy my long weekend (I’m off tomorrow) and look forward to my brussel sprouts and Moose Drool!

Have a Happy Easter friends!

15 thoughts on “This Easter

    • Yes, isn’t it tho? I take time out now to thank Him for all the blessings that we have …. something I never thought to do before unless it was a Sunday. Have a great Easter!


  1. Have a happy Easter – and I’m so glad your dad is well again – I think he had a guardian angel (or better 26?) on this day. I like sprouts too and the name of the beer sounds intersting :o)


    • Thank you. Yes, we have said the same thing. We think that his dear friend that passed a few yeas who was probably there with him. About the beer — I had this at a small hole int he wall place in Omaha. It was so yummy I had to find some when I got back and I was so happy my local store had it!


  2. What a great way to celebrate Easter!
    Unrelated, I was to say nice to see you back around, but I notice that you’ve been posting lately, but you don’t show on my feed nor the reader, been having issues with that.


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