New Year, New Blog

Well well well, Happy New Year friends!

Wow it’s been a while! I’ve been thinking about my blog and the community for quite some time but life has been an INSANE ride lately. I have, however still been peeking in at some of you from time to time.

Since settling in with the job, the boy entering high school, getting finances in order – I’ve decided to start over in 2014 and make this a more active blog. I won’t be posting every day but I figure I could at least devote some time to an every-week-at-least post instead of sitting on my ass every evening playing Pet Rescue Saga (level 101 is a bitch!) and reconnect with you all.  I know you are thinking…yeah yeah that’s what you said last time!  But no, it’s TRUE!  Dockfam Adventures is BACK!

We have some exciting blog-worthy adventures planned this coming year – another annual Vegas trip for me and the hubby for our big 15th wedding anniversary, possibly a short trip to NYC, summer family vacation to Disneyland AND VidCon 2014 in Anaheim, CA and a much anticipated One Direction concert experience for my now teenage (boohoo!) daughter in the fall. Who knows what else might land in our laps this year. Hopefully all good things!

Along with these adventures I hope to bring you some yummy recipes I’ve been working on (all my own creations) and some funny stuff.

So, let’s all make 2014 the best ever and I wish you all the happiest of New Years! See you soon!


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