Sunny Puerto Vallarta during a Texas ice storm!

My husband earned an all expense paid vacation to Puerto Vallarta through his employer and we were lucky enough to get away from Texas just as an ice storm hit.  While we were sunning on the beach and drinking cocktails, our friends and family were back at home freezing their asses off!  I’d like to say I felt bad but….

We stayed the week at the Casa Magna Marriott Resort.  This was my first time to be out of the country and neither of us had passports.  Luckily we were able to get them expedited and they arrived just in time for our trip.  Besides a welcome dinner on the first day and a farewell dinner on the last day – the week was ours to do whatever we wanted, eat whatever we wanted and drink whatever we wanted!  It was beyond fabulous.  There is nothing that beats a completely free vacation!

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