Girls Weekend in Vegas – Palazzo Heaven day one

Two weeks late but better than never.  It’s been so busy at home since we got back from Vegas.  The characters in this adventure are myself, my BFF and my mom.  We will call BFF “R” and mom will be known as….well, mom.

A little background, R and I have been friends since the age of 5.  Our father’s worked together for an airline and our families are as close as real family to this day.  That would put this at a 33 year friendship so far.  Not too shabby!  R lives about 3 hours from me and it has been a good 17 years since we have gone on a trip together.  She’s never been to Vegas and it was time!

Mom and I got a ride to DFW from a local transportation company that I work with through my job. We were picked up early in the morning in a big comfy Escalade with the nicest driver ever.  We had great conversation on the way to the airport and his professionalism just reinforces the reason why we use them for our clients.  It was great.

Had an uneventful flight into LAS.  A little turbulence early in the flight.  That’s why I had to have breakfast:


We met R in the baggage claim.  Her flight arrived about an hour before ours.  I had arranged a one way limo transport through Presidential Limo.  We had used them this past March and had a great experience.  This experience wasn’t so great.  Our driver was not very friendly and seemed very rushed.  With our one way transfer, we are given 1.5 hr in the limo.  I asked if he could take us to the Las Vegas sign.  He seemed less than happy that I asked such a question.  Quickly we arrived at the sign and he told us to “hurry up” out of the limo.  He rushed us up past the line of people and took our picture to the side.  Then again urged us to hurry as he walked us back to the limo.  He was about 5 feet in front of us…any faster and he would’ve been in an all out sprint.  I was sort of embarrassed in front of my mom and R…because using Presidential was my idea and I was raving about them before the trip.


Me, Mom and R

20151010_103358 20151010_102954

Here’s the sign pic…it came out ok.


We were at the Palazzo in the blink of an eye.  I’m a travel agent and IHG rewards us with IHG priority club points for booking clients into their properties.  We book A LOT of Holiday Inn reservations so I had enough points when I booked this for two free nights and one paid night at the travel agent rate.  I’ve never stayed at Palazzo/Venetian but I’ve always wanted to.  We checked in at the IHG Elite desk and our check in lady was so sweet.  She was really great at explaining things and took her time, not rushing us.  We were upgraded to a strip view.

When we got to the room the girls were amazed.  It was huge!

20151010_112211 20151010_112225 20151010_112233 20151010_11265020151010_112252 20151010_112301

First item of importance, lunch!  We went to Noodle Asia inside the Venetian.  I love this place and it’s one of the only Asian restaurants I’ve found that doesn’t put MSG in all of their dishes.  My mom is allergic.

20151010_124002 20151010_124008

After lunch I bet $20 on the US vs Mex soccer game – which I lost because US lost.  Thanks Juergen!

We wanted to show R around and really didn’t have many plans for the first day.  I had also booked a room at the Excalibur because Mlife gave me 2 free nights, no resort fee, $50 resort credit and $100 free play.  I used a MyVegas BOGO monorail reward at Bally’s so we wouldn’t have to walk all the way down there.  We took the monorail from Bally’s to MGM.  R wanted to see the MGM so we walked through and of course I had to play a few machines on the way.  Had a bit of luck at a triple red hot 7’s machine and walked out of MGM $70 richer than I did when we walked in.

Next, over to Excalibur to check in and get my freebies.  We went up to the room just for the heck of it and as usual, the Excalibur hallway was like a dungeon and even though I had been given one of the “renovated” rooms, it was not much better than the non-renovated room we had on spring break.  I was so glad not to sleep there!

I played my $100 free play in a $1 triple red hot 7s machine, $5 max bet.  It went quickly, didn’t hit much and only walked away with $50 cash.  At least it was $50 casino money I had in my wallet when I was done.

The next decision probably was not a great one.  I wanted to use my $50 resort credit for dinner.  We went to Dick’s Last Resort.  I warned everyone about what Dick’s was and thought there would be some good laughs.  Well, there were a few laughs but I think my mom didn’t find everything too funny.  She and R got hats….I didn’t.  I won’t share what they said out of respect for them but let’s just say our waiter went easy on us compared to others around us!

The drinks were good. I had a Firey Apple – Angry Orchard Hard Cider and Fireball Whiskey….mom had a beer and R had a margarita.  We ordered crab balls, nachos and fried pickles.  Food that would haunt me later.

20151010_162423(0) 20151010_162438


After DInner

20151010_203024 20151010_203028

By the time we got back to the Palazzo, my stomach was aching from dinner.  I can’t eat a lot of crap like the crap we ate.  I should’ve known better.  We stayed in the room for a while to charge our phones, watch US lose to Mexico and let my stomach calm down a bit.

We played a bit that night and found a bank of Leprechaun’s Gold machines.  The Leprechaun bonus on my machine was randomly triggering quite frequently.  I didn’t have any big wins but it was fun.  This was the best one I had:

We were able to play there for quite a while.  Last machine of the night, I had a 10 minute bonus on Willy Wonka.  Not a huge win but it was fun!

Mom and R got tired and went up to the room.  Of course my degenerate ass had to stay and play a while longer.  I think I went up around 130am and was lucky to end the day with the same bankroll I started with +$60.

Day two coming soon…Mon Ami Gabi and Legends in Concert!

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