Girls Weekend in Vegas – French Food and Legends Day Two

I am slow these days, I don’t think I’ve ever taken weeks to do a trip report!

As usual on the first morning waking up in Vegas, you wake up early.  Since we had reservations for lunch at Mon Ami Gabi, we just grabbed something quick at the Cafe Presse place inside Palazzo.  When we checked in, we were given free coffee coupons for each morning.  They were only good for the small cups of coffee but that was ok, free is free.

There was a bit of a battle for coffee, as three was a rather rude lady who thought she had the right to take up the entire space where you get your sugar, creamer etc… She was less than pleased that I needed to fix my coffee too.  I was shocked by the nasty way she spoke to the people who worked there too.  Some people just need an attitude adjustment!

After coffee, we wanted to show R more places on the strip before lunch.  First stop was the Forum Shops.  None of the stores were really open yet but it was nice to just walk through without a crowd. We stopped to take some pictures and ended up with several since my mom had my camera on the “rapid burst”  setting. Most were just a blur but we got a decent one.


Next was Bellagio, to show R the conservatory area.  On the way I stopped to play that new Dragon game by Bally’s.  I can’t recall the name but I won $35 the bonus.  I tried to record it but my phone’s camera kept cutting off.  Not happy about that!  Here are some pictures of Bellagio’s fall display:

20151011_101342 20151011_101427 20151011_101431 20151011_101445 20151011_101515 20151011_101519 20151011_101536 20151011_10135120151011_102007

It was extremely crowded in there!I

Our lunch time reservation for Mon Ami Gabi was approaching so we headed off to Paris.  R went to get a total rewards card and there was some confusion at the TR desk.  They had two areas of the line – one for Diamond+ and another for the rest of us riff raff.  She got in that line first, then the lady behind the desk told her to go ahead and stand in the Diamond line…saying she was doing something and couldn’t help her.  She waited for a bit and finally got up to the agent.  That lady was rather rude and told her she couldn’t help her because that line was for Diamond+ only!  Mind you, there was nobody else in line.  She told her to go to the other area with the lady who told her to stand in the Diamond line.  Grrrrrr.  This was certainly a debacle because there was nobody else there!  R was pissed at this point and voiced her frustration with the first lady.  That lady begrudgingly helped her but left R with a bad taste in her mouth.

We walked around a bit and watched a lady playing the group bank of Wizard of Oz 3-reel machines win $1100 on the bonus round.  She was only betting $1.00.  She said she was down to $30 from her $50 and almost walked away when the bonus started.  Somehow she had gotten a 100x multiplier and hit the motherload on the bonus.

R sat down at one of those new 88 fortunes machines and on the 2nd spin, got the bonus and won $160 on a 76 cent bet. That helped to calm her down from the TR desk calamity!  I on the other hand proceeded to lose about $80 in a span of about 30 minutes.  Paris always hates me.

It was now 11am so we went over to Mon Ami Gabi to let them know we were there.  Our res was for 1145 but patio seating is still first come first serve – the res just puts you further up on the list.  We were given a pager and it went off at 1145 exactly for patio seating!

This was my first time at MAG and I will definitely be back.  The food was great and the atmosphere even better.  We caught several fountain shows while we sat there.

20151011_115447 20151011_120228 20151011_122103



After lunch we went over to Planet Hollywood to look for some of those comfortable sandal shoes at the ABC store.  I have a pair that my daughter has claimed as her own, so I needed new ones!  The first ABC store was out of my size but I ended up getting a selfie stick for $12.  Our arms are way too short to do it ourselves, as we had found out.

I found the shoes at the 2nd ABC store and then off to Cosmopolitan and Aria to show R around.  R is sassy and I couldn’t wait for her to take a pic in the big shoe!


Trying out the selfie stick:


Walking out of Cosmo, a HUGE Buffalo game caught my eye. I’d never seen this one with the big screen before and had to play it. Maybe I should just stick with the regular size ones, as this one didn’t like me at all.


My mom was in search of the Luck Penny penguin machines.  There used to be a bunch of them by the Aria check in desk.  It looks like they’ve changed things around quite a bit because they weren’t there anymore.  While R signed up for her MLife card, I found a bank of Wheel of Fortune 25 cent machines and did quite well on one.

20151011_152329 20151011_152759

My memory is failing me and I can’t remember what more we did that day up until the evening!  At some point we went back to the room to change and freshen up a bit. Of course I had to play in the Venetian casino a bit and all I did was lose what Aria had given me earlier.

We had tickets for Legends in Concert 7pm show at Flamingo.  I had seen this show on my first trip to Vegas ever, in 1994 and then again on my first trip with my husband in 2001.  It had been a while and I thought this would be fun for R.  We had great seats right down front.  The celebrities were Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift, Madonna, Frank Sinatra and of course Elvis.  Every one of them was amazing.  We took pictures with the performers after the show.

20151011_190013 20151011_192323 20151011_193252 20151011_194633 20151011_195441 20151011_200807 20151011_201803 20151011_203151 20151011_205955

The only complaint I had was that our audience was awful.  I don’t understand how you can just sit there still and not sing along and dance in your seat!  At times I wondered if most of the people there were even breathing.  These performers really gave their all up on stage.  I showed my appreciation by giving them a standing ovation.  They deserved it!

By now we were starving so we headed over to Mirage to stop in the Carnegie deli and grab a bite.  Things have changed over there.  No more servers.  You order at the counter and they bring the food to you but it’s not the same.  The menu seems to have shrunk as well.  The food was still good but I miss the old Carnegie.

After eating, my mom seemed to have been struck by the same stomach issues I had the night before.  We took it easy inside and played a few machines.  None of which paid me much.

Heading back to Palazzo, we took the tram over to TI.  Wow has that place gone to crap.  The smell….oh the smell!  Back in the day, my husband and I have stayed there about 3 times. We always loved the casino smell and the atmosphere.  Now I can’t even describe it.  Maybe something like dirty wet socks that were left in a car during a hot Texas summer.  It was awful and ended up making my mom feel even worse.  We had to get out of there.

It seems as if the base of the elevator that connects the walkway from the Fashion Show mall area back over to the Palazzo has become the bedroom for the homeless.  Not only the bedroom, but the bathroom too.  We couldn’t wait to get back across the street!

Mom went up to bed, still not feeling well while R and I stayed downstairs playing for a bit.  R finally tuckered out too and I, the lone degenerate stayed in the casino until around 3am thanks to several coffee & Bailey’s in large to-go cups.  I was up and down – winning and then playing it back.  I don’t remember if I finished up that night or not.  I’m pretty sure I ended up back at the room with that day’s bankroll still in tact.

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