Wrapping it up in Vegas – Days 3 & 4

Our third day, second morning rolled around and we decided to stop into the Dal Toro Restaurant for breakfast after seeing a sign that said $9.99.  The seating was outside and it was a beautiful morning.  It quickly filled up and by the time we left there wasn’t a seat available on the patio besides the ones we just left.

Our breakfast company:


We decided that since we didn’t do our downtown visit on our first night, we would go this day.  There was some confusion about where to buy the Northbound bus passes from the Palazzo side of the street.  Well, you can’t. You have to take the elevator up and walkway across because the machine is on the other side of the street (the TI side).

There was some construction near Circus Circus (likely the pending implosion of the Riviera) which caused a very slow beginning to our ride. After that it was smooth sailing.  We arrived downtown and of course, everyone had to pee.  So we went into the Golden Nugget to take care of that business and to show R the aquarium/pool area.

On the way out, a Starbucks green tea lemonade was in order and a few pulls on a double diamond machine near the front which netted me $0.

Outside however we did get to use the selfie stick again.. woo hoo!


We went into La Bayou because my mom swears that the Lucky Penny penguin machines in there love her.  Well they didn’t love her this time but R won about $40.  I was getting ready to leave after cashing out (La Bayou doesn’t do TITOs…it is all coins) and the lady I give my coins to tells me that we should play the Texas Tea machines.  She said they “sure pay out on max bet!” We figured what the heck, we’re from Texas, and gave them a try.  Yeah I quickly turned $60 in to another $0.

We leave downtown and I’m $80 poorer than when we got there.  I wasn’t planning on playing anything downtown but it happens I guess.

Bussed it back to Palazzo and I remembered that the last time in March that we took the bus downtown I ended up getting really motion sick.  It happened again.  I think I need to try the lower level next time.

Back at our mecca, we ran into Carlo’s bakery.  To our surprise, the line was manageable and there were still cannolis left!!

20151012_125329 20151012_125030

While R and mom got their goodies, it was  potty break time for me again.  I met them as I came out and my mom tellls me “wow those must be some expensive cookies!” When I asked why she showed me her receipt for nearly $150.  She bought 2 bags of cookies, 2 cannolis, 2 rainbow cookies and 2 sfogliatelle cookies (pronounced “sfoo-ya-dell”, or at least that’s how I say it).  When I looked closer at her receipt I see that they charged her for 32 sfogliatelles and the rainbow cookies were missing!

It was kind of a mess getting it figured out and we came to the conclusion that they still didn’t refund enough.  The lady behind the counter was so busy, I’m not sure she knew what was going on.  My mom isn’t one to raise hell so she got the refund for what she could and left the rest alone.

Back to the room to enjoy the cannolis but first… I had to play some more.  I proceeded to lose more.  This was an awful day for me, I wasn’t hitting anything so yeah, back to the room to drown my sorrows in cannoli cream.

After the Carlo’s feast we headed to dinner and decided to go to La Burger Brasserie in Paris.  We all had salads and they were actually really good.  I was able to pay for the meal with my TR credits.

We had tickets for the 730 showing of Love at the Mirage.  I’ve seen it 3 times before this and my mom had seen it twice.  We were especially looking forward to R experiencing the wonder of  Cirque for the first time.

20151012_180112 20151012_180601 20151012_180631

I cannot tell you the look on her face during that opening scene.  I won’t spoil it for those of you who haven’t seen it but it is definitely a ‘wow” moment!  I’m not sure her mouth closed the entire show.  She was in awe and reduced to tears afterwards.  Yes, it is THAT good!

After the show we just headed back to play a bit at the Palazzo.  My mom still wasn’t feeling well so she didn’t stay long before going to the room.  R’s flight was leaving at 6am the next morning so she soon followed.

Again, it was me left to my lonesome in the casino. I did really well at first but continued to play until that day’s bankroll was at $0.  Nothing new there!

The next morning R got up at the butt crack of dawn and caught a cab to the airport.  Mom and I hung around a little longer.  We grabbed breakfast at Planet Hollywood buffet – which was not very good and the service was terrible.  We stood in line with ONE person in front of us for over 15 minutes and then another almost 10 minutes before any of us were seated.  And it wasn’t even busy!  Good thing I paid with my TR points.

We bought a few souvenirs and before we new it, it was time to grab a cab and head back to the airport for our flight home.

Overall we had a great few days. It was nice to do Vegas a bit differently than normal.  I think R enjoyed her first trip and she was talking about trying to get her husband to take her back.  Uh oh – I think she caught the bug!

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