Yet Another Vegas Birthday Jaunt

I just realized I hadn’t put up our most recent trip report from February to Vegas.  We are about to go back in June so I thought I better do it.  Better late than never!

Day 1:

The day we left I worked until 230 and had my husband pick me up to go directly to the airport.  I work in a building on the airport access road so it was a short trip!  After parking the car and getting through security it wasn’t long before we were on our way.  Sitting next to us happened to be a guy in the same industry as my husband so they talked for most of the trip, as I read and enjoyed a jack and sprite to kick things off.


The faces of two people excited to go to Vegas!

When we got to McCarran I had been asking my husband to try Uber.  He didn’t want to and we ended up taking a taxi.  I told him, no tunnel no highways, surface streets only.  Maybe you can tell me if this was a good way for him to go but he took Swenson and we ended up so far North, almost to the Stratosphere.  Then he went up some back way I’ve never been before.  The total fare was $23 and it took forever!  I’ve never paid that much from the airport to the Mirage.  I wasn’t happy because I felt like he still long hauled us.  I told my husband we should’ve taken Uber!

Got to check in and was hoping I could mention it was my birthday and get some sort of upgrade.  In 10+ stays at the Mirage we’ve never gotten any kind of an upgrade even when slipping a $20.  Well we got the guy straight out of training who was more worried about picking the right keys on the keyboard than getting us an upgrade.  Needless to say there was no upgrade.  The room was normal, nothing extraordinary besides the million mile walk from the elevator to get to it.

First stop was the MLife desk to get our freeplay and MyVegas rewards loaded onto our cards.  We ate dinner at California Pizza Kitchen.  I follow a Vegan diet and my husband has been vegetarian since Jan 1 but it wasn’t difficult to find something to eat on the menu. I got the mushroom pizza without cheese.

The rest of the night we played various slots and I was able to turn my $85 freeplay into a little over $100 actual cash thanks to a Dragon’s Law machine.

Went back to find my husband and he was walking up with a ticket of over $200.  He started with $12…hit a few machines then hit a bonus on Titanic that was nice to him.

We had a few more hours of decent play and ended up going back to the room with a $240 profit.  It was only midnight and I was exhausted.  The way I felt just reminded me that I’m not as young as I used to be!

Day 2:

I slept awful.  My sinuses were stuffed up and I tossed and turned all night.  At 530am we got a call from our teenage son back home (730am there) saying he still felt sick and asked if I could call the school.  My dad was going to take him to the doctor.  Now we’re both up so we took some time getting ready but by 8 we were out the door.  We walked through the Forum shops, which is such a nice quiet thing to do that early in the morning before all the shops open.

We hit a few slots on our way to Starbucks but didn’t hit anything.  Next stop was the Bellagio.  Played a few machines and nothing was hitting.  I decided I would sit down at a Wicked Winnings IV machine just to try it out.  I’ve never had much luck with WW.  What do you know, I hit a bonus and got a nice line hit.  Here’s the video – my son called to tell me that the doc said he tested positive for the flu just before I hit it.  He must’ve brought me good luck!


The conservatory ha a nice “Year of the Monkey” display going on and it was crowded inside.  I liked last years “Year of the Goat” display better but it’s still amazing to see what they can do with just flowers.

Next up was Aria and by this time we were nearing lunch hour.  While waiting for the tram to take from Bellagio to Aria, we saw a sign for the restaurant “Lemongrass” it looked so good we decided we’d give it a try.  So after an hour or so of play with no luck we had lunch.  I ordered the Pad Thai and my husband had he pan seared noodles with veggies.  It was so good.  Since we had resort credit on our room, we were able to charge it back to our Mirage room.


Veganized Pad Thai at Lemongrasss

My mother had given me $100 to play for her and wanted me to play Wheel of Fortune.  I sat down at a 3x 4x 5x 25 cent machine and played almost an hour on $40 before finally running out.  I only hit the spin twice, once for only 40 credits, the second time for only 50. Just enough to keep me playing but not enough to bring a profit back on that $40 for my mom.  Oh well I tried!

We had to go pick up our tickets for Zarkana which we got through MyVegas and then head all the way back to the Mirage to freshen up before dinner and the show.  I had made a terrible timing mistake, as we should’ve spent more time near the Mirage earlier in the day and then gone to Aria late afternoon and done everything at once since we were going to be there for the evening!

Before dinner we enjoyed the Aria buffet as a MyVegas reward.  I was afraid as a Vegan there wouldn’t be much to eat.  Boy was I wrong!  I stuffed myself with veggie sushi, salads, hummus, miso soup (which I added stuff to in order to make it like Pho) and lots and lots of guacamole.  We especially noticed that the several tables of Asian guests around us were piled high with seafood, rice and noodles, while the American guests piled on the meat, mashed potatoes, junk food, fried stuff and everything that “does a body good”.  It was quite eye opening.  No wonder our country is so unhealthy.

Zarkana was great.  I know it gets a lot of slack and many people do not like it but we did.  It is your typical – no story, weird costume, acrobatic Cirque show.  Similar to Mystere.  The music and singing was live which was my favorite part.  The female vocalists were amazing.  It’s too bad Zarkana is now closed, I’d probably go see it a second time.

After the show we ventured to Monte Carlo, NYNY and MGM.  Played some slots here and there before getting a one way monorail ticket back to the North side.  My legs were about to fall off.  No more walking!

Back at Mirage with only a fraction of our bankroll intact (including what I won at Bellagio) the slot gods apparently were already in bed.  We wanted a quick snack at Carnegie but they are no longer open until 2am.  The Pantry has taken their place for late night noms.  I just had some fries while my husband had pancakes. We headed back up to the room with no profit from the day unfortunately!

Day 3:

We slept in a bit this day, which makes me mad because it was our last full day in Vegas and who wants to spend it sleeping??  First was Cosmo for the buffet.  They had extended a free brunch buffet to us so we could come check it out.  I love the inside of the Cosmo and they were doing some sort of renovations near the Bellagio-side entrance.  On the way to the buffet, I saw the new Christmas Story slot which I hadn’t seen anywhere else so I had to stop and play.  This is one of my mom’s favorite machines so I thought I would play a $20 for her and see what happened.  I was able to catch a bonus.  Not a huge profit but it was fun!

The Wicked Spoon was ok.  Not much for a Vegan to eat, as everything had butter or cheese in it.  I ate some fruit and a bagel with jelly – that was about it.  My husband doesn’t like eggs anymore and so he just had fruit and some hash browns.  He said even if he was eating meat still, nothing really looked appetizing.  We did appreciate the free buffet but were very glad we didn’t pay for it.

We played a bit after brunch at the Cosmo and then went across to Planet Hollywood to slow down our losing and walk around a bit.  We hit and run PH, Paris and Bally’s before heading over to the Linq area to grab some Vegan cupcakes from Sprinkles.



Next up was Venetian/Palazzo and things there started turning around.  We only had half of our bankroll left and it wasn’t even late afternoon yet.  My husband sat down at a machine that looked boring but had this monkey on top that was climbing a building.  Every time you would get a bonus symbol he would climb closer to the top. If he hit the top, that would trigger a bonus.  After a $20 gone and the monkey almost to the top, he said “give me another $20, after this I’m done for the day gambling!” On his very next spin he got 3 bonus symbols and triggered a true bonus which automatically gives you a 10x symbol.  Then the buildings start to light up and they hit another 2x symbol.  Then the buildings with the $ amounts light up and it landed on $10.  So he got 20x $10 – or $200.  Happy, he cashed out!


The monkey game


Inside Palazzo

We started playing various machines and they were treating us well.  Nothing huge but profits on most of the machines quickly brought our bankroll up to $200 over what we had when we left the hotel that morning.  Not even realizing it, we were there for several hours and it was dinner time!

I love Noodle Asia and my husband hadn’t been there yet.  There was no wait and we sat down and had two huge portions of noodles and veggies. They were very careful to honor my vegan requests, even cooking my food in a completely separate pan.   It was so good and I brought a bit of mine back with me which turned into a very late night snack that night.


Pretty much my favorite place to eat in Vegas

After dinner we walked back over to Mirage and hubby hit another decent bonus on Wizard of Oz as I lost the last of my mom’s bankroll in the machine next to his.

My husband turned me on to the 5cent Pink Diamonds machine.  We sat there forever and never hit anything huge but it is pretty entertaining, as several small wins can keep you playing for a long time.  The one bonus I got was pathetic, I had better line hits during regular play.

A $472 major progressive on the Mystical Unicorn machine caught my husband’s eye and he sat down to play.  Almost 2 hours and $200 later, it would not drop even though he had some good line hits.  I was able to win a little bit here and there while he was pressing away at it and overall we went back up to the room with half of our bankroll that we had left with that morning.  I didn’t think that was too bad considering we were losing our asses before going to the Venetian.  Any time I bring money home from Vegas, that is a good thing.

Our flight the next day was scheduled to leave at 725am – never will I do that again!  I couldn’t sleep well because I have a phobia about missing flights.  Like zombies we headed to the airport around 530 and had an uneventful flight home.

Overall, the trip was a good one.  Once again no handpay but we had some decent wins and gained back our Pearl status with Mlife after just missing the deadline last year and starting from ground zero. Thanks to Hyatt match status, I am now Gold.  We are going back in June with the family to combine a Vegas / California 8 day trip.   Before this trip my husband said he felt like he might be getting “Vegas”-sed out.  Who was he kidding??

4 thoughts on “Yet Another Vegas Birthday Jaunt

  1. Happy belated Birthday! and congrats, that was not bad… even a titanic can bring some good luck :o) how great that it was possible to get vegan food, well, that’s … VIVA las vegas!!!


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