Back in the Groove

Wow.  I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I’ve posted. Life has been very busy!  I promise I will post pictures of that family Vegas/CA vacation we took last summer.  It was a blast as usual.

On the home front, I now have one kiddo about to graduate high school (thank goodness) and another who is about to be a junior in high school in about 4 weeks.  Last year we added four – yes four – guinea pigs to the family and another bearded dragon.  Sadly we lost both of our little feathered friends since my last post.  We’ve also taken three more trips since last summer, to Las Vegas (again), Disney World and to New York City.  Trip reports to follow shortly!

The biggest announcement is that recently I launched my own home based travel agency DockFam Travel.  You can see my reason for doing so here – so now I guess I can truly be called a “double agent” – working full time in an office during the day booking corporate travel and on my off hours, booking the fun stuff – vacation travel!  Not only do I find it rewarding and challenging to help others plan their dream vacations – I’ve now got a long running list of all the places I want to visit too!  The knowledge I’m gaining is incredible.

This will be my only shameless plug on this blog for my agency so – if you’d like to keep updated on current offers and promotions, please – please like my FaceBook Page and share it with your friends.  It is updated almost daily.  Links are on my website to a few other pages with deals as well for cruises and Disney travel.  There are many reasons to use a travel agent and I promise to you, unmatched service and personal attention backed by years of travel industry experience.  I urge you to give me a shout!

Lastly, my YouTube channel is also being updated with family vacation videos and more – it is not completely re-done yet but it will be soon.  I will still keep running the slot-only YouTube channel as well, DockFam Slot Videos, updated as regularly as I can get to the casino.

Our next adventure has been booked – a 5 day Carnival cruise to the Bahamas combined with a few days in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale.  I will be capturing most on video to upload to the travel YouTube channel, posting to SnapChat (username: dockfam), Twitter and Instagram as the trip progresses.  And of course if you want to get in touch with me, my contact info can be found on my business website or just leave me a comment here on the blog.

Happy Travels!


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