Girls Weekend in Vegas – French Food and Legends Day Two

I am slow these days, I don’t think I’ve ever taken weeks to do a trip report!

As usual on the first morning waking up in Vegas, you wake up early.  Since we had reservations for lunch at Mon Ami Gabi, we just grabbed something quick at the Cafe Presse place inside Palazzo.  When we checked in, we were given free coffee coupons for each morning.  They were only good for the small cups of coffee but that was ok, free is free.

There was a bit of a battle for coffee, as three was a rather rude lady who thought she had the right to take up the entire space where you get your sugar, creamer etc… She was less than pleased that I needed to fix my coffee too.  I was shocked by the nasty way she spoke to the people who worked there too.  Some people just need an attitude adjustment!

After coffee, we wanted to show R more places on the strip before lunch.  First stop was the Forum Shops.  None of the stores were really open yet but it was nice to just walk through without a crowd. We stopped to take some pictures and ended up with several since my mom had my camera on the “rapid burst”  setting. Most were just a blur but we got a decent one.


Next was Bellagio, to show R the conservatory area.  On the way I stopped to play that new Dragon game by Bally’s.  I can’t recall the name but I won $35 the bonus.  I tried to record it but my phone’s camera kept cutting off.  Not happy about that!  Here are some pictures of Bellagio’s fall display:

20151011_101342 20151011_101427 20151011_101431 20151011_101445 20151011_101515 20151011_101519 20151011_101536 20151011_10135120151011_102007

It was extremely crowded in there!I

Our lunch time reservation for Mon Ami Gabi was approaching so we headed off to Paris.  R went to get a total rewards card and there was some confusion at the TR desk.  They had two areas of the line – one for Diamond+ and another for the rest of us riff raff.  She got in that line first, then the lady behind the desk told her to go ahead and stand in the Diamond line…saying she was doing something and couldn’t help her.  She waited for a bit and finally got up to the agent.  That lady was rather rude and told her she couldn’t help her because that line was for Diamond+ only!  Mind you, there was nobody else in line.  She told her to go to the other area with the lady who told her to stand in the Diamond line.  Grrrrrr.  This was certainly a debacle because there was nobody else there!  R was pissed at this point and voiced her frustration with the first lady.  That lady begrudgingly helped her but left R with a bad taste in her mouth.

We walked around a bit and watched a lady playing the group bank of Wizard of Oz 3-reel machines win $1100 on the bonus round.  She was only betting $1.00.  She said she was down to $30 from her $50 and almost walked away when the bonus started.  Somehow she had gotten a 100x multiplier and hit the motherload on the bonus.

R sat down at one of those new 88 fortunes machines and on the 2nd spin, got the bonus and won $160 on a 76 cent bet. That helped to calm her down from the TR desk calamity!  I on the other hand proceeded to lose about $80 in a span of about 30 minutes.  Paris always hates me.

It was now 11am so we went over to Mon Ami Gabi to let them know we were there.  Our res was for 1145 but patio seating is still first come first serve – the res just puts you further up on the list.  We were given a pager and it went off at 1145 exactly for patio seating!

This was my first time at MAG and I will definitely be back.  The food was great and the atmosphere even better.  We caught several fountain shows while we sat there.

20151011_115447 20151011_120228 20151011_122103



After lunch we went over to Planet Hollywood to look for some of those comfortable sandal shoes at the ABC store.  I have a pair that my daughter has claimed as her own, so I needed new ones!  The first ABC store was out of my size but I ended up getting a selfie stick for $12.  Our arms are way too short to do it ourselves, as we had found out.

I found the shoes at the 2nd ABC store and then off to Cosmopolitan and Aria to show R around.  R is sassy and I couldn’t wait for her to take a pic in the big shoe!


Trying out the selfie stick:


Walking out of Cosmo, a HUGE Buffalo game caught my eye. I’d never seen this one with the big screen before and had to play it. Maybe I should just stick with the regular size ones, as this one didn’t like me at all.


My mom was in search of the Luck Penny penguin machines.  There used to be a bunch of them by the Aria check in desk.  It looks like they’ve changed things around quite a bit because they weren’t there anymore.  While R signed up for her MLife card, I found a bank of Wheel of Fortune 25 cent machines and did quite well on one.

20151011_152329 20151011_152759

My memory is failing me and I can’t remember what more we did that day up until the evening!  At some point we went back to the room to change and freshen up a bit. Of course I had to play in the Venetian casino a bit and all I did was lose what Aria had given me earlier.

We had tickets for Legends in Concert 7pm show at Flamingo.  I had seen this show on my first trip to Vegas ever, in 1994 and then again on my first trip with my husband in 2001.  It had been a while and I thought this would be fun for R.  We had great seats right down front.  The celebrities were Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift, Madonna, Frank Sinatra and of course Elvis.  Every one of them was amazing.  We took pictures with the performers after the show.

20151011_190013 20151011_192323 20151011_193252 20151011_194633 20151011_195441 20151011_200807 20151011_201803 20151011_203151 20151011_205955

The only complaint I had was that our audience was awful.  I don’t understand how you can just sit there still and not sing along and dance in your seat!  At times I wondered if most of the people there were even breathing.  These performers really gave their all up on stage.  I showed my appreciation by giving them a standing ovation.  They deserved it!

By now we were starving so we headed over to Mirage to stop in the Carnegie deli and grab a bite.  Things have changed over there.  No more servers.  You order at the counter and they bring the food to you but it’s not the same.  The menu seems to have shrunk as well.  The food was still good but I miss the old Carnegie.

After eating, my mom seemed to have been struck by the same stomach issues I had the night before.  We took it easy inside and played a few machines.  None of which paid me much.

Heading back to Palazzo, we took the tram over to TI.  Wow has that place gone to crap.  The smell….oh the smell!  Back in the day, my husband and I have stayed there about 3 times. We always loved the casino smell and the atmosphere.  Now I can’t even describe it.  Maybe something like dirty wet socks that were left in a car during a hot Texas summer.  It was awful and ended up making my mom feel even worse.  We had to get out of there.

It seems as if the base of the elevator that connects the walkway from the Fashion Show mall area back over to the Palazzo has become the bedroom for the homeless.  Not only the bedroom, but the bathroom too.  We couldn’t wait to get back across the street!

Mom went up to bed, still not feeling well while R and I stayed downstairs playing for a bit.  R finally tuckered out too and I, the lone degenerate stayed in the casino until around 3am thanks to several coffee & Bailey’s in large to-go cups.  I was up and down – winning and then playing it back.  I don’t remember if I finished up that night or not.  I’m pretty sure I ended up back at the room with that day’s bankroll still in tact.


Girls Weekend in Vegas – Palazzo Heaven day one

Two weeks late but better than never.  It’s been so busy at home since we got back from Vegas.  The characters in this adventure are myself, my BFF and my mom.  We will call BFF “R” and mom will be known as….well, mom.

A little background, R and I have been friends since the age of 5.  Our father’s worked together for an airline and our families are as close as real family to this day.  That would put this at a 33 year friendship so far.  Not too shabby!  R lives about 3 hours from me and it has been a good 17 years since we have gone on a trip together.  She’s never been to Vegas and it was time!

Mom and I got a ride to DFW from a local transportation company that I work with through my job. We were picked up early in the morning in a big comfy Escalade with the nicest driver ever.  We had great conversation on the way to the airport and his professionalism just reinforces the reason why we use them for our clients.  It was great.

Had an uneventful flight into LAS.  A little turbulence early in the flight.  That’s why I had to have breakfast:


We met R in the baggage claim.  Her flight arrived about an hour before ours.  I had arranged a one way limo transport through Presidential Limo.  We had used them this past March and had a great experience.  This experience wasn’t so great.  Our driver was not very friendly and seemed very rushed.  With our one way transfer, we are given 1.5 hr in the limo.  I asked if he could take us to the Las Vegas sign.  He seemed less than happy that I asked such a question.  Quickly we arrived at the sign and he told us to “hurry up” out of the limo.  He rushed us up past the line of people and took our picture to the side.  Then again urged us to hurry as he walked us back to the limo.  He was about 5 feet in front of us…any faster and he would’ve been in an all out sprint.  I was sort of embarrassed in front of my mom and R…because using Presidential was my idea and I was raving about them before the trip.


Me, Mom and R

20151010_103358 20151010_102954

Here’s the sign pic…it came out ok.


We were at the Palazzo in the blink of an eye.  I’m a travel agent and IHG rewards us with IHG priority club points for booking clients into their properties.  We book A LOT of Holiday Inn reservations so I had enough points when I booked this for two free nights and one paid night at the travel agent rate.  I’ve never stayed at Palazzo/Venetian but I’ve always wanted to.  We checked in at the IHG Elite desk and our check in lady was so sweet.  She was really great at explaining things and took her time, not rushing us.  We were upgraded to a strip view.

When we got to the room the girls were amazed.  It was huge!

20151010_112211 20151010_112225 20151010_112233 20151010_11265020151010_112252 20151010_112301

First item of importance, lunch!  We went to Noodle Asia inside the Venetian.  I love this place and it’s one of the only Asian restaurants I’ve found that doesn’t put MSG in all of their dishes.  My mom is allergic.

20151010_124002 20151010_124008

After lunch I bet $20 on the US vs Mex soccer game – which I lost because US lost.  Thanks Juergen!

We wanted to show R around and really didn’t have many plans for the first day.  I had also booked a room at the Excalibur because Mlife gave me 2 free nights, no resort fee, $50 resort credit and $100 free play.  I used a MyVegas BOGO monorail reward at Bally’s so we wouldn’t have to walk all the way down there.  We took the monorail from Bally’s to MGM.  R wanted to see the MGM so we walked through and of course I had to play a few machines on the way.  Had a bit of luck at a triple red hot 7’s machine and walked out of MGM $70 richer than I did when we walked in.

Next, over to Excalibur to check in and get my freebies.  We went up to the room just for the heck of it and as usual, the Excalibur hallway was like a dungeon and even though I had been given one of the “renovated” rooms, it was not much better than the non-renovated room we had on spring break.  I was so glad not to sleep there!

I played my $100 free play in a $1 triple red hot 7s machine, $5 max bet.  It went quickly, didn’t hit much and only walked away with $50 cash.  At least it was $50 casino money I had in my wallet when I was done.

The next decision probably was not a great one.  I wanted to use my $50 resort credit for dinner.  We went to Dick’s Last Resort.  I warned everyone about what Dick’s was and thought there would be some good laughs.  Well, there were a few laughs but I think my mom didn’t find everything too funny.  She and R got hats….I didn’t.  I won’t share what they said out of respect for them but let’s just say our waiter went easy on us compared to others around us!

The drinks were good. I had a Firey Apple – Angry Orchard Hard Cider and Fireball Whiskey….mom had a beer and R had a margarita.  We ordered crab balls, nachos and fried pickles.  Food that would haunt me later.

20151010_162423(0) 20151010_162438


After DInner

20151010_203024 20151010_203028

By the time we got back to the Palazzo, my stomach was aching from dinner.  I can’t eat a lot of crap like the crap we ate.  I should’ve known better.  We stayed in the room for a while to charge our phones, watch US lose to Mexico and let my stomach calm down a bit.

We played a bit that night and found a bank of Leprechaun’s Gold machines.  The Leprechaun bonus on my machine was randomly triggering quite frequently.  I didn’t have any big wins but it was fun.  This was the best one I had:

We were able to play there for quite a while.  Last machine of the night, I had a 10 minute bonus on Willy Wonka.  Not a huge win but it was fun!

Mom and R got tired and went up to the room.  Of course my degenerate ass had to stay and play a while longer.  I think I went up around 130am and was lucky to end the day with the same bankroll I started with +$60.

Day two coming soon…Mon Ami Gabi and Legends in Concert!

Sunny Puerto Vallarta during a Texas ice storm!

My husband earned an all expense paid vacation to Puerto Vallarta through his employer and we were lucky enough to get away from Texas just as an ice storm hit.  While we were sunning on the beach and drinking cocktails, our friends and family were back at home freezing their asses off!  I’d like to say I felt bad but….

We stayed the week at the Casa Magna Marriott Resort.  This was my first time to be out of the country and neither of us had passports.  Luckily we were able to get them expedited and they arrived just in time for our trip.  Besides a welcome dinner on the first day and a farewell dinner on the last day – the week was ours to do whatever we wanted, eat whatever we wanted and drink whatever we wanted!  It was beyond fabulous.  There is nothing that beats a completely free vacation!

20150221_183433 20150221_183439 20150221_190042 20150221_190050 20150221_190124 20150221_190146 20150221_190226 20150221_205648 20150221_210606 20150221_212134 20150221_212314 20150222_084138 20150222_084141 20150222_085212 20150222_093409 20150222_093829 20150222_100740 20150222_100751 20150222_105859 20150222_105905 20150222_134832 20150222_134844 20150222_143042 20150222_185316 20150222_190114 20150222_193534 20150222_193721 20150223_093041 20150223_095050 20150223_114004 20150223_114012 20150223_135959 20150223_140428 20150223_173123 20150223_201527 20150223_212615 20150224_133157 20150224_133202 20150224_135835 20150224_135842 20150224_135847 20150224_152848 20150224_152851 20150224_191244 20150224_200335  20150225_091403 20150225_140414 20150225_141549

Spring Break in Vegas, Family Style 2015

Another adventure that has happened in the past year was a Spring Break vacation with the kids to Las Vegas.  The last time they were there was back in 2009 so this time around it was a bit different but still a lot of fun.  My parents were supposed to go with us but my mother took on a new job right before and had to travel to MD for training that week.  Bad timing.  But I still urged my dad to come with us.

We had 4 nights comped at MGM and one night at Excalibur…also had 4 nights + one paid night at Flamingo – which is where my dad stayed. This was great for a mid-strip resting point most days.

This is the longest we have ever been in Vegas at one time. Did a lot of walking and mainly played slots at night after the kids were tuckered out. My husband had a few good wins on the 2nd and 3rd nights which let us go home with one day’s full budget still in the bank. That has never happened before!

Unfortunately I was the only one recording slot bonuses and I wasn’t winning anything big. We missed out on recording some nice big wins by my husband which would’ve been good to add to our slot channel. Isn’t that the way it always happens?!

The trip was too long for me to post the daily details so I will just post the highs and lows.

– Limo transport both ways via Presidential Limo. I booked this as a surprise for everyone. We got in from Dallas really late so it was nice to just get in a vehicle and go without making a gazillion stops and without having to worry about the tunnel. The cost included gratuity but I tipped extra there and back. The way in we had a stretch limo with champagne for us adults and on the way back it was one of the SUV stretch cars. Complete with mood lighting and an awesome sound system – everything was perfect. Hubby and I have decided we will spring for this every trip now that we are spoiled!



– Freeplay at MGM through MLife and MyVegas turned into a profit. Not much but $75 freeplay at MGM turned into $95 cash and $20 freeplay at Excalibur turned into $35 cash. It was nice not to lose it for once.

– MGM breakfast buffet was great. We ate here twice and normally I don’t like breakfast buffets but going around 10am gets you breakfast and lunch so there was a wide variety of food.

– Sprinkles cupcakes in the Linq area. My daughter is Vegan so we got two Vegan red velvet cupcakes there. They were so good and I think we inhaled them in under 4 minutes!


– Diablo’s Cantina @ Monte Carlo. We had the $50 food credit from MyVegas to use there and our bill came to about $100. The waitress came back and said that their cashier wasn’t there and the bartender said he didn’t know how to apply it so the entire lunch was FREE! We were floored and I gave her a big tip that she was very appreciative of.

– Ka @ MGM. Of course it is always a good show. Hubby and I saw it about 6 years ago. The pre-show entertainers (the ushers) were really fun. Dad dozed off in the beginning but midway through it grabbed his attention and he stayed awake. One of the ushers playing with “George”, my daughters stuffed whatever it is




– Dad’s room at Famingo. It was a CET comp and I think it may have been a Go room. Hardwood floors and a nice view of the pool area. I was actually impressed.

– Slots at NYNY and MGM – for my husband at least. He had a nice $310 win on a new Azure progressive slot at MGM we had never played before (picture below) and the whole bank of them were playing out nicely for a few hours hitting progressive amounts every now and then. I was able to catch the very end of it on video. He also had a nice $260 bonus win at NYNY on some WMS slot we don’t know the name of and another $150 line hit on 50 cent Wicked Winnings there. His best hit of the trip was at MGM on a Monopoly game. Not sure the name but the bonus win was $38 and then he hit a 10x multiplier for a $380 total win. He also had a $188 bonus on Goldfish 3. My one good win came from the Reel Em In slot at MGM for a catch of about $160. I did manage to get that one on video. One night we went back to the room with that entire day’s budget, including what we had spent during the day on non-gaming activities and food.



– Monorail transportation. All I can say is thank God for it. With Dad mid strip and us on the South end, it made meeting up each day and going back much easier!

– The weather. After being in the Dallas area with nothing but rain and recent ice – it was so nice to walk around in 80 degree weather for a few days.

– Lucky Cat @ Cosmo. Even though my fortune said “By the time you turn around the person in front of you will have disappeared” it was pretty cute and they let the kids come in and take a pic.


– Hash House a Go Go. Man the pancakes are huge! Nobody could finish theirs. The biscuit that came with my veggie hash was the best I’ve ever had.




– The Secret Garden at Mirage! After watching the dolphins play, we walked through to the tiger area and who was there? Seigfried!! Probably the highlight of my trip, it was an honor to meet such a Vegas legend. Totally unexpected and worth the price to get in. I’m so glad my daughter talked me into it! They say he just shows up sometimes to meet people and hang out. We caught him before he left for the day.



– Pink’s hot dogs. The boys really enjoyed theirs and I was able to get a veggie dog. It was the cheapest meal we had the whole week.

$8.99 Prime Rib dinner at Tony Roma’s downtown. The boys loved this meal.

– The Bellagio Conservatory. It’s so much prettier at night!

20150313_192120 20150313_192124 20150313_192136 20150313_192157 20150313_192219


20150313_192352 20150313_192356 20150313_192506

– Adventure dome @ Circus Circus. It’s pricey to get in but my husband and the kids said the rides were great and they liked that there wasn’t a wait for any of them unlike most amusement parks. I bowed out of that one and lost some $$ in the casino while waiting with my dad.

20150312_141909– The dude impersonating Dr Evil in front of Planet Hollywood. Spot on!


-Gold and Silver Pawn Shop…aka. Pawn Stars.  We took the bus towards downtown and walked to visit the shop.  It’s a tiny little place but fun to see, especially since my dad and my husband are fans of the show.




– Our room debacle at MGM. I opted for the $34 upgrade from the offer I got via email before our trip to the tower spa suite so we would have more room. Upon arrival very late that night, she said they were all out of them but we could do a 1 bedroom instead. The catch – it was their last one on the 1st floor – but she said she put an 8th floor room on hold for us that we could move to the next day. I hate those first floor rooms. Right off of the casino floor, you feel like you are in a dungeon. The couch and couch pillows had what appeared to be crusty food – or vomit on them. It was a large room and would’ve been great on a different floor and minus the unidentifiable substance on the couch. The next day I went to check on the 8th floor room and the lady said come back around 2 and it should be ready. 3pm I go to the desk and the agent is talking forever – talking to a manager back and forth a hundred times. She tells me that the room that was on hold had a maintenance issue and we were being upgraded to a different room on the 20th floor. I didn’t mind that because I heard the word upgrade. Getting to the room, it wasn’t an upgrade – it was the tower spa suite I originally reserved. That room is actually smaller than the one on the first floor. But on a good note – there was no vomit on the couch. On the 2nd night around 915pm, the shower backed up and flooded the bathroom. We waited an hour and a half for maintenance to come up and plunge it and for housekeeping to replenish our towels and take away the soaked ones. They did give us 4 free buffets but in hindsight I think I may still write them a note. They charged me $40 per night for the upgrade instead of $34 because we were supposed to keep the 1 bedroom – which we weren’t able to.

– The crowds. The college basketball tournament was going on at MGM and by Wednesday there were fans and players everywhere. When the games let out you could barely walk without stepping on someone.

– Chasing progressives. I need to make a mental note here. Chasing progressives only make you frustrated and depressed. There was one hanging on at over $460 on a must pay by $500 WMS Queen of Africa at Flamingo. I played it for a long time and hit about 7 bonuses. That damn thing never dropped. I gave up. The next day of course I just had to go check it. Yup…someone won it and it was back at $250. Dammit.

– Flamingo slots in general. We lost our butts there and couldn’t hit a damn thing. They don’t seem to have many new slots, just a bunch of old ones.

– The smoke. I’m an ex-smoker. I vape now. Maybe I’m just more sensitive now but the smoke at the casinos – especially NYNY – was so heavy I could literally taste it. Made me wonder why the hell I ever smoked those things. Our clothes went straight into the washer when we got home.

– The line at Carlo’s Bakery! Insane!


– The Walking Dead slot machine. OMG. $200 gone in no time on max bet without one bonus and only one good hit for $90. Unbelievable. Never again!

– The Excalibur room – oh…the Excalibur room. What can I say? Motel 6 downgraded a few categories with 1970’s décor, little plastic cups in the restroom and hallways that smell like an old gym sock. Yuck. I’ll never stay there again. I added the night as an afterthought when we bought our airline tickets and had to extend a night to get the cheap fare. One good thing, they did not charge the resort fee so it was completely free. I will never stay there again and I made it clear on my survey that they are in dire need of a renovation!

– Downtown. Not really a low for me and my husband but my dad hated it this time around. I think the 70 year old man wearing a diaper up his ass and the naked large ladies with nothing on but duct taped nipples did him in this time. I found it hilarious and didn’t mind our teens seeing it, it made for some funny conversation. I mean, it is Vegas!

And finally, Chief Two Cheeks:


The trip was fun overall but I think 5 nights is a little much in Vegas!  My daughter had a blast.  My son, well he’d rather be home playing video games or on a beach vacation. At least I don’t have to worry that he’ll slip off to Vegas when he turns 21 and become a degenerate gambler like his mom and dad!

California Adventure – VidCon 2014


The last 3 days of our California vacation were spent taking the kiddos to VidCon. For those who don’t know, VidCon is the year’s largest convention for artists that publish videos and entertain on YouTube.  YouTube has become a modern day phenomenon.  My kids, for example, don’t hardly even watch regular TV anymore.  They watch YouTube!  Going to VidCon for them is like one of us going to the Academy Awards and mingling with the celebrities.

We really didn’t know what to expect on the first day so we just got up early and headed out. We were lucky enough to find a parking spot not too far into the convention center parking garage.  When we walked up to the doors, the crowd was ridiculous.  A line winded around the building and curved about 1 million times.  Doors had not even opened yet and there were at least 3000 people in front of us. I got on Facebook from my phone and read tons of angry comments from fed up parents who had spent lots of time and money just to sit in line and have their kids cry because the disorganization led to them missing a signing or picture with their favorite YouTuber.

We really didn’t have a plan in place so when they opened the doors to the arena, we ran inside to watch the opening celebration.


It was actually pretty fun and really set the tone for the rest of the convention.  Inside the convention hall, it was pure madness.  Everyone trying to figure out how the process worked to line up for signings and autographs was pure hell.  I felt as if I was in a teenage mosh pit.



Since we did this over a year ago, my memory is a little spotty on what exactly we did our first day so here are some pictures to help me remember:


Tyler Oakley



That guy from HGTV




The mobbing of a guy who does videos on Vine



The only YouTubers that my husband and I watch are the ShayTards.  I’m amazed that one video of Shay Butler romping around like a dork in a unitard has turned his family into millionaires over the course of 5 years.  They have over a million subscribers and their company Maker Studios – was just bought out last year by Disney for over 500 million dollars.  Talk about success!  I was bummed I wasn’t able to go to their signing on the first day because of the crowds.  We did get to meet them but more on that later.

The next day my daughter wanted to meet one of her favorites, Joey Graceffa.  This kid is a beautiful boy, no wonder the line we waited in was 6 hours long.  Yes,  SIX HOURS. At least the end result was worth it:



His was a traditional signing, so that meant no pictures.  Just a high five and a handshake.  We made up for that earlier this year when Joey came to our area to do a book signing.  My daughter finally got her picture!

While we were standing in that 6 hour line, my husband texts me this picture:


Apparently Shay Butler was waking through the center and was nice enough to take a selfie with my husband.  Ugh, I was jealous!

My son went on his own little adventure and attended a few YouTuber panels.  During one, he was able to get a picture with Chris Hardwick aka. The Nerdist…aka…that guy who hosts the Talking Dead on AMC.  Yep, that’s me being jealous again!


The last day we were there, I was able to get into the ShayTards family panel.  That was a ton of fun.  I was able to ask them a question over the mic – I think I asked Collette how she stays so calm, being the mother of 5 children and the wife of Shay!




While I was at the panel, my daughter got more pictures with a few of her faves:


Alfie from Pointless Blog


The hilarious Tobuscus

Finally on our last afternoon the ShayTards called a pop up signing for those who didn’t get to see them on the first day due to the crowds.  We waited about 1.5 hr and had a great meet.





Overall VidCon was certainly an experience.  It was a lot more fun than I thought it would be and I know the kids enjoyed themselves.  I’m not sure that we would do it again, but maybe….

California Adventure Day Five

I’m trying really hard to finish this trip report….seriously.

Day five was our Disneyland day.  We got up early and headed out to Disneyland, which was literally about 2 blocks down the street.  After parking in the lot and taking the tram, we had arrived to Disneyland California Adventure!




We’ve been to Walt Disney World at least 8 times in the last 12 years but we’ve only been to Disneyland once and that’s when the kids were very young.  The California Adventure park was a first for us.  First things first…our favorite ride:



There was no line.  Then we hopped on the California Screamin’ rollercoaster.  It was a lot of fun.  I wanted to video the whole ride but as soon as our car took off up the hill, my camera stopped!  Here’s a few shots of it:

And this should give you an idea of how fun it was:



We saw the parade:












And caught the end of Goofy’s fountain show:


And rode the Monster’s Inc Ride.  Disney is quite clever with their attention to detail:



20140625_105928Here’s the whole ride.  It was really cute!


We walked through Cars Land:

We took a mid-afternoon break to register for VidCon.  The convention center was only a few blocks down the street so we trekked it down there and picked up our passes.



After we got back to Disneyland we rode Mickey’s Fun Wheel.  This is the big ferris wheel you see in all of the pictures.  From a glance it looks tame.  But we decided to sit in one of the swinging gondolas vs. one of the stationary ones.  How bad could it be?  Or so we thought….

After recovering from that horror…we went on another vomit-inducing ride – The Golden Zephyr **warning, don’t watch if you get dizzy easily!**

It was getting more crowded as the evening went on so we decided to call it a day early and went back to the hotel to rest up for the VidCon madness to come!