I Hate Mondays

Ok, so it’s really Tuesday but because of the holiday…..it definitely IS Monday.  How did your day start today?  Mine wasn’t so good…

The alarm went off at 545am my husband silenced it and reset it for 6…..PM.  So, it didn’t go off again until my second alarm sounded at 633am.  Considering my husband usually leaves for work and drops my son off at football practice by 630am, this was not good.

My son said just the other day “If I’m late, I have to RUN…and I DON’T like running”.  If you have been reading my blog for a while I’m sure you know that my son has a flair for the dramatic.  So, you can only guess how this morning went.  He was convinced he wouldn’t have enough time to dress out and we had a whine fest all the way to school.  I did end up getting him there around 647….even though we forgot extra clothes for after practice.  No shower today.  I apologize in advance for his schoolmates who have to sit next to him in class for the next 8 hours!

Oh, I forgot to mention, today is my husband’s birthday and I didn’t even remember to say “Happy Birthday” to him until I had already been in the office for 45 minutes.  Talk about feeling like poo.

This is me this morning…like my hair?

Then, to top it off….I had this grump customer come into my office to take care of something.  When I made a comment about my eyes being tired (in an attempt to make small talk) he snapped back “I don’t want to hear it!”.  In my head I was like “Excuse me? Are you freaking kidding me?” but I just laughed because I was sure he had to be making a sarcastic joking comment.  Then he says again “No really, I don’t want to hear it!” At this point I wanted to punch him in the face, but I really need this job so I bit my tongue and continued writing.  Then he says he got up at 4am this morning.  Oh, poor baby!  I mean…does he know me?  Does he know how my night went last night?  Nothing bad happened but …he doesn’t know that.  God forbid I had a tragedy to deal with or something that kept me up all night.  Stupid jackholes should just keep their mouths shut. Thanks for ruining my day douchebag.


So, I certainly hope your first day back from the Labor day holiday is going better than mine so far.  Only 4 more days until the weekend….