Damn You Dexter

I wasn’t going to blog today but my cousin wrote something on her Facebook wall that I thought was hilarious and I had to share.  We are both fans of Showtime’s series “Dexter” — as I have mentioned before.  I am not just a fan, I am borderline obsessed and after next season…when the contract is up and Dexter (supposedly) goes off the air forever, I will be in a deep depression for what I am sure will be weeks, if not months.  So don’t look for me.

Anyway, we both watched this Sunday’s episode and this is what I posted on my cousin’s wall yesterday:

‘How are you liking Dexter so far?  I am loving
the tension between them — it is the first, real, honest emotion
exchange between the 2 of them since the season started….and I loved
how he squirmed in his seat when Deb said she felt glad Speltzer was
gone!  it’s getting good!!”

This is what my she had to say about it in response:

“Dexter:…Damn, it looks like my cousin
Jennifer may be a secret writer for the show.  At the end of last season
she was convinced that Deb would come to see things in a new light,
would come to understand Dexter, and become a part of his world.  I was
convinced Dexter was going to have to kill his sister Deb (because she
witnessed him kill some one.)  Just goes to show you how two people,
from the same family, can see things so differently.  Jennifer sees the
world through butterflies, fairies, and rainbows AND I would rather kill
you than deal with your bullshit”

I’m not sure that it’s a point of seeing the world through butterfiles, fairies and rainbows…I just think Michael C Hall is a hottie and I love looking at his face for an hour each week as I have for the past 6 seasons.  I want the producers to keep Dexter safe for as long as possible (and preferably more scenes without his shirt on…).  He’s a good bad guy just takin out the trash!

Are you a fan?  Would you like to see Dex “get away with murder” or be caught in the end?

“Oh Shit”