Muppet Monday – Emmett Otter

It’s another busy busy Monday workday but I wanted to take today’s post way back and remember Jim Henson’s classic “Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas”.  This was one of my favorite Henson Christmas specials and still gets me choked up a bit when I hear this song:

Muppet Monday!!

To honor my love for Jim Henson and the Muppets, I’ve decided to make Mondays “Muppet” Mondays.  Each Monday I’ll feature a favorite video, story or character from the muppet world because who doesn’t need to smile on a Monday??

My love for the Muppets started when I was still a toddler.  My mom said that no matter what I was doing, as soon as the Muppet Show theme song would come on I would stop dead in my tracks and stare at the TV, not moving a muscle until the show was over.  I have the cutest picture somewhere of me when I was about 2 standing up in my playpen watching the Muppet Show.

So, in honor of the Muppet Show, here is a montage of favorite scenes!