Where are my “peeps”? (Mini Rant)

So as I’m browsing and reading across the blogosphere today I come to a very sad and lonely realization which deserves a mini-rant.

I had my kids young. Not young anymore, I’m 35 now.  My son is almost 14 — my daughter almost 12. They will both be in middle school this year.  Gone are the days of elementary school parties, PE, parent teacher conferences and Easter Egg hunts.  Instead, our school year is full of football games, band practices, homework battles and the normal struggles of dealing with two very different hormone-laden kids. And to make me really feel old…my son stands about 10 inches taller than me already and outweighs me by at least 80 lbs. 

As I visit other woman-written blogs throughout the day I realize that everyone is having babies!  Tons of talk about diapers, feedings, firsts, cute baby moments, sleepless nights and the like.  Where are my fellow mothers to teenagers?  Are we all just too busy to blog? 

I have nothing against the mommy bloggers out there who have little ones, I’m just feeling lonely.  I would love to read about the lives of mom’s like me that are entering what I call the “Challenge Years” and dealing with teenagers.  Moms I can identify more closely with. Unfortunatley I haven’t found too many blogs like that.

I loved my kids baby/toddler years.  It might seem like they are difficult to deal with at the time but as I warn friends of mine….it doesn’t get any easier unfortunately.  If anything I think it gets harder.  One set of worries and concerns get replaced with a whole new set.  One thing never changes no matter how old our kids get — that we are their parents and will always feel the need to take care of them…..forever.

That’s all, I just needed to say that. Have a Happy Wednesday!