Rant: Why I Dislike Victoria Beckham

While watching the closing ceremonies last night I had a spontaneous angry outburst when the Spice Girls appeared.  “Why won’t she smile for the love of God???” Yup, you know who I’m talking about.  Posh Spice herself, Victoria Beckham.  If you watched the show, you would’ve noticed that she didn’t get much camera time but in the shots in which she was included, she’s doing a whole lotta nuthin while her group-mates are rocking it up.  There is one shot where the other girls are dancing, smiling and singing to each other and she’s just standing there like a mannequin.  Seriously?  That had to have been awkward for the other girls.

I’ve heard that she was borderline “forced” to do the short reunion spot at the ceremony and only under the pretense that nobody ever ask her to join them on stage again.  I think maybe she was jealous that she wasn’t asked to do the fashion/runway bit instead.

Does this disdain for her come from the fact that I am jealous you ask?  Maybe — but only over one thing:
I’m sorry, but can someone explain to me why when you are married to this:

You have to always look like this:

I bet she’d feel a lot better if somebody fed her something.

Muppet Monday – Muppets Visit the Olympics

I don’t know about you but I thought that this year’s Olylmpics were incredible.  I didn’t watch all of the events but I did take in my favorites such as gymnastics, some track and of course the USA women’s soccer team winning gold. (woot woot!) London did a great job in all, from the opening ceremonies to last night’s epic closing ceremonies show.  It was an amazing 2 weeks.  Those Brits sure do know how to do it!

So, in honor of the recently ended Olympic games I found this clip and wanted to share with you.