A Howlin’ Good Time…blah, blah blah!

Suit of Armor: Sir, sir, we have an urgent plumbing issue.
Dracula: Plumbing?
Suit of Armor: There is a clogged toilet in room 348.
Bigfoot: (makes sighing noise)
Dracula: It’s okay, we all get stomach aches, Mr. Bigfoot.

I have to tell you…this movie had me crying.  Crying from laughing so hard!  I successfully embarrassed my 14 year old, as I wiped tears from my face and he leaned over to tell me “I’m going to call daddy to come pick me up….oh my gawd….nobody else is laughing…please stop!”  I couldn’t stop…and I caught him chuckling a few times too.  When we left the theater my stomach hurt and my mascara was ruined.

I’m a fan of old monster movies and legends and this cartoon plays upon all of the typical stereotypes in a totally hilarious way.  There were some jokes that the kids didn’t get but the adults did.  Basically, Dracula’s wife met an untimely demise at the hands of humans when their daughter was a baby.  Dracula vows to protect her “forever” and builds the Hotel Transylvania: A place where monsters and ghouls of all kinds can enjoy themselves free from the dangers of humans.  Drac throws a party for his daughter a party for her 118th birthday and chaos ensues when a young man, backpacking through the woods, finds the hotel and falls for Drac’s (that’s what they call him – Drac) daughter.  She falls for him right back….will it ever work out between vamp and human??  Go watch it.  It’s not a Twilight movie……it’s soooo much better.

Adam Sandler plays Dracula (which you pick up on right away from the first scene when he’s singing his daughter Mavis, a song) and Selena Gomez does the voice of Mavis.  More stars join the cast, which I didn’t know until the credits but Dracula’s monster friends were voiced by the talents of Kevin James, Steve Buschemi, Ceelo Green, Molly Shannon and more. Adam Sandler’s daughter and wife even have a few lines here and there.

If you want to know which part brought on the tears…the scenes in which the monsters are playing bingo and the invisible man is playing charades.  I thought I was going to die….”glasses!…..glasses!”   This movie fit my sense of humor perfectly.  I’m definitely buying the blu-ray when it comes out.


Hotel Transylvania looks like a rockin’ fun place and I wouldn’t mind staying the night there!  I think Drac will want everyone to know however…..he doesn’t say “BLAH, BLAH BLAH” !!

Such a Happy Day!

I officially have my very own copy of the recently released “The Muppets” and I couldn’t be more excited.

 I saw the movie when it first came out in theaters and it took me back to my childhood.  I’ve been a die hard Muppet fan even before I could talk.  My mom told me that I would be crying and throwing a fit but the minute “The Muppet Show” intro music would start on TV I would stop immediately and stare at the TV for the next hour in a trance, not saying a word!  From then on, I was hooked!

This movie is touching, heartfelt and humorous of course!  There are several references to Muppet movies past so for my children there were a few jokes they didn’t get but if you are a child of the 80’s you will definitely catch them.  Of course, just like any Muppet movie there is a moral to the story…that it is ok to be different and everyone has a place in this world!

I immensely enjoyed the new Muppet movie and find the songs repeating themselves in my head often.  My favorite?

I’m going to get in my PJs, get comfy on the couch and load up the movie in the ol’ Blu-ray player this weekend and have me a mah na-mah na time!