Damn You Dexter

I wasn’t going to blog today but my cousin wrote something on her Facebook wall that I thought was hilarious and I had to share.  We are both fans of Showtime’s series “Dexter” — as I have mentioned before.  I am not just a fan, I am borderline obsessed and after next season…when the contract is up and Dexter (supposedly) goes off the air forever, I will be in a deep depression for what I am sure will be weeks, if not months.  So don’t look for me.

Anyway, we both watched this Sunday’s episode and this is what I posted on my cousin’s wall yesterday:

‘How are you liking Dexter so far?  I am loving
the tension between them — it is the first, real, honest emotion
exchange between the 2 of them since the season started….and I loved
how he squirmed in his seat when Deb said she felt glad Speltzer was
gone!  it’s getting good!!”

This is what my she had to say about it in response:

“Dexter:…Damn, it looks like my cousin
Jennifer may be a secret writer for the show.  At the end of last season
she was convinced that Deb would come to see things in a new light,
would come to understand Dexter, and become a part of his world.  I was
convinced Dexter was going to have to kill his sister Deb (because she
witnessed him kill some one.)  Just goes to show you how two people,
from the same family, can see things so differently.  Jennifer sees the
world through butterflies, fairies, and rainbows AND I would rather kill
you than deal with your bullshit”

I’m not sure that it’s a point of seeing the world through butterfiles, fairies and rainbows…I just think Michael C Hall is a hottie and I love looking at his face for an hour each week as I have for the past 6 seasons.  I want the producers to keep Dexter safe for as long as possible (and preferably more scenes without his shirt on…).  He’s a good bad guy just takin out the trash!

Are you a fan?  Would you like to see Dex “get away with murder” or be caught in the end?

“Oh Shit”

Women Behaving Badly

While I barely have any time to watch television,  have to admit I am a fan of the Real Housewives shows on Bravo and painfully watch each and every week, without fail. Call it a guilty pleasure but I do really enjoy watching them. Until this week.
Last night I watched my DVR’d Monday episode of the Real Housewives of New York. I’ve been watching this one for years, since the days of Bethenny. Yes, I am a Jill Zarin fan and miss her being on the show. I’m not crazy about the new girls and thought the first few episodes were pretty dull. I was wondering if it was going to pick up any. Well, I was definitely surprised and shocked over the last few. Put aside the petty fighting between looney Ramona and over-dramatic Aviva (which I actually enjoy watching Aviva tell Ramona off) and you get a totally NEW show: Old Girls Gone Wild in St. Barts.

So drunk, I’m surprised she could even form a sentence. (pic from bravotv.com)

I don’t care how they edited it, I was completely disgusted watching the antics of a drunk and halfway naked Ramona , LuAnn sneaking in the local Frenchman and lying about it later and Sonja talking about getting bruises from getting “humped” in the garden by same said Frenchman. Sonja isn’t even married…neither is Carole…why the hell are they even on the show? Isn’t it called Real HouseWIVES? WTF? Ok, so I was disgusted. But I still watched.



Ramona laughing after Aviva called her and Sonja “white trash” (pic from bravotv.com)

Will I watch next week? Yup. Now I have to see how they deal with everything that happened on vacation. But, I still am in shock over how these women acted. These are grown women with children who should be ashamed of themselves. Maybe they are covering up for their own insecurities and unhappiness. I think both Ramona and Sonja have issues that they feel the need to disguise by acting this way. That is why they get along so well. And to think – they are getting paid BIG BUCKS for this too. Go on vacation, drink until you can’t stand up, get naked, screw the locals and we’ll pay you a few hundred thousand….that’s what Bravo is saying.

I really miss the days of “The Cosby Show” and “Cheers”.  What is this world coming to?

If you watch the RHONY, what did you think? Will you keep watching?


A Nose by Any Other Name…

Which is loveliest in a nose? Its coy beauty when it’s budding, or its splendour when it blows?
George Barlow

Or maybe it didn’t quite go that way…..

I’m having issues this morning.  Not only am I posting on  Sunday, which I never do, but this blogroll contest has completely taken over.  I think I’m in the early stages of delirium and like West Nile….there is no cure.  With every glance and every look I saw clown noses….this were starting to creep me out when I looked around the house and saw this:

And this:

Then I turned on the TV:

Even the NJ girls have it

Is that a clown nose their kicking around?

Oh no, not you too Paula!

Then I thought “I’ll settle this…once and for all…” and went to google.  I typed in “He who must not be….”


I need to be de-clowned!!

Today’s challenge conjured up by Saradraws was to post a truth or dare for Le Clown to partake in.  This was most difficult.  It is the final challenge.  Yes, I said FINAL.  Meaning tomorrow all the fun will be over and I will learn my worth in this world by measure of whether or not I was granted a spot on the blogroll.  Ok, maybe I’m not quite that obsessed but it sure would feel good!  If you have a great dare you can think of, read the rules first, then post away under the comments!

Thank you for supporting me this week and watching me go slowly “clowny”.  I have a strange urge to put on face paint and big shoes….but…oh well, there’s nothing wrong with that right?

The Glass House — What?

Thanks to my DVR, I’m finally getting a chance to sit down and watch the new show “Glass House”. I must say reality TV has come a long way since my favorite show growing up, “The Real World”. I just don’t get this one, I’m so confused.

The basis is that the walls are transparent and the viewers see everything. The viewers make decisions on how the cast acts and what they do. What I don’t understand is, I’m watching the first episode and most viewer decisions were already made. Is this not in real time? How are they showing scenes from next week already?

Maybe I should’ve read more about it before deciding to watch. I thought would be an interesting show similar to “The Real World” but with a twist. Instead, seems to me just another stupid scripted reality show.

Are you watching this show? Could you explain to me what is going on?


It’s Like Hekel and Jyde!

Attention!  Long post ahead!  If you make it through to the end…I applaud you.  Please be aware that everything written is purely my opinions and nothing more.

Like most people, I have a guilty pleasure.  Mine involves bling, screaming children, family feuds, gay weddings and lots and lots of pasta – otherwise known as the real Housewives of New Jersey.   I started watching the show last year when I got drawn into the Christmas Eve episodes.  Lots of Italian food, family and wine – reminded me of my own holiday traditions – although mine have a lot less drama!  After that I had to go back and watch all of that season’s episodes and then I caught up on the 2 seasons that I never saw.  I immersed myself in the craziness of Danielle’s  hair pulling incident, Theresa’s table flipping, Ashlee’s defiance, Dina’s gossiping etc…  It seemed like more than the other Housewives shows on Bravo, there was definitely a good storyline going on here.

I know that some people think it is scripted and Bravo does a heck of a job milking the drama for all it’s worth but I can totally see that these are real people with real emotions.  Unfortunately they are singed into a contract that is forcing them to endure this emotional rollercoaster one more season.  What used to be a fun, carefree and loving group of people (most of which are family to each other) is now a group of family and friends torn apart by fame, gossip, lies and jealousy.  Do I contribute to Bravo’s ratings by watching it – undeniably – it’s a train wreck I can’t stop looking at.  But after 4 seasons I truthfully have grown to love some of them and loathe others.  I cried last season when Ashlee hurt Jacqueline’s feelings at brunch, I laughed when Rosie was babysitting at the shore, I cringe whenever “Juicy” Joe opens his mouth and while watching last night’s episode I felt tense and out of breath just by witnessing the argument between Theresa, Caroline and Jacqueline.  I felt bad for all of them.

My opinion of the season so far?

“No, you’re crazy!”

1.  This season should be nicknamed “The Theresa Show”.  I feel  that Theresa is a battered woman.  If not physically (there’s been no evidence of that) then definitely emotionally.  Her husband is about as smart as a box of hair and you can see from what is shown of him, he has total control over her.  He would rather she not have any connections to her family and friends; I think he even said on one episode “You don’t need them, you got me.” after verbally bashing her family with ridiculous and childish insults.   Don’t even get me started about the blow up he had in the car a few weeks back.  Tre and Joe are having serious financial and legal issues due to Joe’s bad business decisions and moral choices.  Tre is in denial and doesn’t choose to share anything with her friends, as it probably is too painful to accept.  She just smiles and acts like nothing’s wrong.  She sells stories to the press (she tells everyone she does this last week, then this week denies it) to help with the family finances but does so at the expense of her family and friends…creating lies and negative impressions of them.  Theresa has changed into a total fame whore and it’s a shame.  I used to love her but now I just shake my head and feel sorry for her.  All of this will come back to bite her and Joe in the ass someday real soon.  And don’t get me started about her relationship with her brother…she definitely is jealous of Melissa, only because Joey (Gora) now cannot give Tre 100% of his attention anymore.  Melissa might be a fame whore of her own, but Joey’s married now Tre….get over it!

Always trying to be the happy one!

2.  Let me explain my thoughts on Jacqueline.  I absolutely love her.  She is someone I  would want in a friend.  In all the seasons I have watched, she has been nothing but honest, helpful and loyal to her family and friends….karma has not been friendly to her.  It’s only gotten her hurt and betrayed.  She’s gone through rough patches with Ashlee and you can’t help but feel for her.  She was a young mom and did what she could to give Ashlee a good life.  You can raise your children to the best of your ability but in the end, they grow up to be their own people who make their own decisions.  Whether they are good or bad at that point – not a parent’s fault.  I hear that Ashlee is now on the right track, I hope it stays that way.  As far as her relationship with Tre – while watching last night’s episode I felt that she was grasping at straws.  She might’ve meant well by confronting Tre about all the media hype but I really felt that she should’ve just let things go.  She was trying to help and let Tre know that she was there for her.  Jac felt shut out and that she wasn’t good enough to be confided in.  Tre continued to deny everything and continue to be on the defensive side.  At that point, Jac should’ve just let it go.

She just looks beat down

3.  I love the Manzos…the whole bunch.  I think that Caroline has always been sitting on the sidelines watching everyone in silence and trying to be the mediator without completely taking sides.  This season it’s a different story.  It’s clear that Caroline is totally done with the BS, she’s tired of watching the drama unfold and just wants to put an end to it.  If that means cutting some people out of her life, she has to do it.  The fact that she’s going through menopause doesn’t help.  You can’t help but feel for her – she is a totally different person this season and I think that has a lot to do with it.  I’m pretty sure she won’t be back next year.  As far as her kiddos, I love them – their funny banter and their friend Greg too.  I’ve read that Lauren has lost a ton of weight (the right way) and it looking great.   Good for her!

Such a cute family

4.  Kathy is another favorite of mine.  She truthfully loves her cousin Tre and wants to help but just doesn’t want to be smack dab in the middle of the drama.  She has nobody to talk to about her feelings and when she tried to talk to Melissa, she gets shot down.  As for her sister Rosie – OMG, is she not the best?

“I’ll throw yous right into the lagoon, I swear to God.”

I really think Rosie should have her own show.

5.  Finally, Melissa and Joe Gorga – I could take them or leave them.  Melissa truthfully gets on my nerves and although I’d really like to like her – I just don’t quite feel it.  There is something there that doesn’t sit right with me.  I’m wondering if there just might be a bit of truth to the rumor that she “pushed” her way onto the show to gain fame and an outlet for publishing an album.  Poor thing can’t sing so it was probably her only option.

No, Melissa….just…no. You’re not “On Display”

Joey disgusts me every time he talks about his “poison” and whatever other names he has for his private parts.  Some things should just be left in the bedroom – he doesn’t have to air it to the world on national TV….I really don’t want to know.  Regarding the relationship with his sister – I think he wants to work it out.  They’re old school Italians…nothing stronger than blood.  I guess I’ll have to keep watching to see if he goes to “physical” therapy with Theresa…

So that’s it.  My take on my favorite show.   I really love reality TV but I do agree that it’s a shame that entertainment has gone from fun shows like Growing Pains and The Brady Bunch to networks making money at the expense of friend and family relationships.  Will I continue to watch – you bet – and, I’ll blog about it too.  I look forward to seeing my “friends” every week and always hope that there will miraculously be some happy, fairly tale ending.  Something it telling me that with this season’s New Jersey cast, it won’t necessarily end up that way….  Now pardon me, I have to go read their blogs on www.bravotv.com

Tell me, what do you think of this season’s drama?