Weekly Photo Challenge : Wrong

My offering for this week’s photo challenge:


Only in Vegas!


20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Wrong

    • We walked by it in front of Harrah’s last time we were in Vegas. I also saw a guy dressed at Spiderman sitting outside Cesar’s Forum Shops playing on his iPhone. Another time this guy was using a handheld radio as a walkie talkie and literally kneeled down in the middle of the Strip (IN the street) as a bus was coming straight for him. Luckily for this guy, that was it’s stop. He carried on a conversation with the “caller” on the other end of the radio all the way to Downtown. You never know what you are gonna see there!

  1. This made me smile. Yep,I remember walking around Vegas early in the morning. I’m shocked by what I see just scattered all over the walkway. Not a place for kids…not even for Mickey Mouse!

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