Awards of Plenty

Once again I am blushing and thankful that a fellow blogger has recognized me and nominated me for two more awards.  Thank you Jackie @ A Change For a Better Me blog. I think you are much more deserving of the “Inspiring Blog” and “One Lovely Blog” awards than I.  However, I will gracefully and with a smile accept them and pay it forward.

I’m having a real hard time thinking of seven more things about myself but here goes:

1. I started playing piano at the age of 5
2. I played Kim McAfee in my high school production of “Bye Bye Birdie”
3. My hair is 75% gray at the ripe old age of 35….I dye it and blame my kids
4. I believe in ghosts and have seen an angel
5. I hate loud music, especially in the car
6. I’ve ridden an elephant but never been on a horse
7. I hate crowds and prefer solidarity to being around a lot of people

OK– Now to pass it on…sorry but I’m running out of time and am only going to list 5 instead of 15…don’t hate:

Emily Cooks Vegan

Misty’s Laws

Life of Bun

Miss Four Eyes

Me Myself and I

Thank you again for the recognition, I’m truly not worthy of the time you all take out of your day to read my ramblings but I sure do appreciate it!

12 thoughts on “Awards of Plenty

  1. OMG, we’re so totally opposite! I love loud music, especially in the car, I’ve ridden a horse, but never an elephant! But I, too, was at least 45% grey in my 30’s. Not sure whether to blame my husband or my kids. I don’t believe in ghosts, but I do believe in spirits.
    Thank you for the nomination! I’ll see what I can do. You haven’t read my one post, It explains everything.


    • Very good way of looking at it. I see that these awards are a way to recognize fellow bloggers. There are SO many great ones that it was even hard for me to pick out a few. I would’ve done more than 5 this time but it was almost time for me to go home form work and i wanted to get the post up. I won’t feel bad if you don’t accept — I still luv you for always visiting my blog and I promise to keep visiting yours!!


  2. Congrats on your awards! My whole family grays early, and I’m getting more and more, too. I’m sure I’ll be dying soon. Le sigh.
    Do you change up the colors or use the same one each time?


    • My dad went gray (silver) early so I was “lucky” enough to inherit that from him. Sometimes I mix it up (reds/browns/blacks) but I’m finding that my hair is not holding color very well anymore. Even black you cannot see after 3-4 weeks and the gray just comes through after even 2 weeks. I’ve been using a blue/black from Garnier recently and I do like it, I just have to do it every 3 weeks or so. I like that my gray shows up a pretty blue after I color it.


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